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Free SEO Training for Beginner Bloggers

SEO ButtonSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) training for anyone who is a beginner blogger is absolutely critical for your success if you want your website to be found!

And guess what: it’s a lot easier than you think.

SEO might sound like a foreign beast to the uninitiated but it is actually easy to tame and can become your best friend when understood and used properly.  Read this first if you are still needing to create a website.

Here are some tips that you need to know.

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Why You Should Write Good Website Content

Content Gets ReadUnless you’ve been living on Mars you have probably heard many speak on why you should write good website content.  TV commercials, newspaper flyers and, yes, even the internet is full of buy this, sign up here, the best deal ever!  And, unless you’re looking for those specific products, you tend to tune them out or click away to the next website on page one.

But why is this?  Why are more and more online marketers dedicating their websites to providing you with the information you are looking for?  It’s quite easy, actually, because if they’re not answering your questions or providing you with the help you need…then you don’t need them!  And you go on your merry search, never coming back to that site let alone telling their friends about it.

So here are my thoughts…and I hope you find this useful or I know you will leave…

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What Is An About Me Page And Why Would Anyone Read It?

“Tell us a little something about yourself.”Read All About Me

If you own a website it’s extremely important to include an About Me Page because…people do read it!

“Why would anyone want to read it?”, you may ask.

They will likely never meet you and therefore will only have what you say about yourself to make a decision if you’re:

  • A real person
  • Who writes original articles
  • And someone…maybe…that they can trust!

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Who Created This Website?

Ever wonder who the person is behind the website?About Me

Have you ever read a website’s “About Me” Page and didn’t learn anything about the owner?

Why is it important to know the “who behind the what”?

Hi, my name is Rick and I created this website that you’re on right now.


Here are some things I’ve learned  since being online.


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What Is Good Website Content?

Writing Good Content

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Like other website owners you’ve probably asked what is good website content and how do I write it?


  • What can I write that will bring visitors to my site,
  •  Get them to read,
  • And maybe even buy?


Let’s talk about what good content, posts, really is and how you can ensure that you are giving your visitors what they have come searching for.

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Keywords for Baby Boomers

Keywords for Baby BoomersPeople finding your website is not a game of “hide and seek”!

If you are serious about ranking your website in the search engines then you need to be determining good keywords for Baby Boomers, meaning, knowing what they are looking for, whether it’s information or products.

Let me tell you right now that there is a way to determine what good keywords are for your particular niche.  In a few minutes we will review a great keyword search tool that you can try for free. [Read more…]