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Baby Boomer Retirement Secrets: What We Don’t Want You To Know

Baby Boomer Retirement Secrets

photo credit: Raquel Camargo via photopin cc

Shhh, don’t let the cat out of the bag.  We Baby Boomers have our retirement secrets and we’re not telling anyone.  Well, OK, maybe I’ll list a few of them but don’t pass it on and don’t let them go public.

There’s no government plot and you won’t see us in this summer’s blockbuster movies.  But because we’ve grown up in times of great changes and advancements you must admit that we “weren’t born yesterday”.  We’ve been flying under the radar and our masses have been quietly biding our time.


The Baby Boomer time is here!

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Who Created This Website?

Ever wonder who the person is behind the website?About Me

Have you ever read a website’s “About Me” Page and didn’t learn anything about the owner?

Why is it important to know the “who behind the what”?

Hi, my name is Rick and I created this website that you’re on right now.


Here are some things I’ve learned  since being online.


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Personal Values and Internet Marketing

Is making money all that matters?

Is A Buck All That Matters Anymore?

We have all heard of scammers, scams, spam, junk email…all of it.  If you’re like me you bring your values to your internet marketing searches and strategies.

  • Why is it that not everyone does this?
  • Is the “almighty buck” the only thing that’s important nowadays?

I say NO!…and so should you!


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