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How Do You Get People To Read Your Blog?

dog reading bookFor those of you with websites and you write blogs sometimes one of the most frustrating aspects is how do you get people to read your blog. Has this happened to you? Do you wish you had or do you want more traffic and have more people to read those pearls of wisdom you so carefully weave and post on your site?

Welcome to the online world…and the crazy, if not insane, competition that is the internet!

Well, here is the long lost secret. Here is the ingredient that will make your blog a sure-fired favorite that will keep people coming back for seconds. (If this were a book I would say “turn the page to find the answer”.) But here it is:

The answer: write about what people want to read about.

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How To Blog For Baby Boomers

If you want to write about the largest generation in history, you need to know how to blog for Baby Boomers…meaning…

Question Mark…how do you get 80 million people to read your stuff?

…what makes them tick?

…why do they like to get their own way?


Know your Boomer audience…the “Baby” has grown up!

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