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What is Website Traffic and Are You Merging?

How to get more Traffic Most of us know what website traffic is and that our sites, especially those that we want to monetize, depend on visitors pulling over and parking for a while.  Hopefully they’re taking the time to stroll through your pages and posts and will stay and visit for a while (I haven’t figured out how to offer coffee yet through my laptop).

But have you ever wondered how you can merge with this traffic so that you are traveling the same road together?  Do you realize that by joining your “niche convoy” you can enjoy the journey together and still deliver the goods?  This is about another way to think of “healthy competition” that works for everyone.

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Viral Cycler Review

VC's Promotional Video

Product: Viral Cycler

Website: http://viralcycler.com/

Owner: Global Net Team, VJ Singh, Programmer

Score:  Out 3 out of 10.  Read Why!



 NOTE: This link will take you to Viral Cycler’s Promotional video

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How To Increase Traffic On Your Website

Hit the Target Market

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We often wonder how to increase the traffic on your website so that more people are reading our blogs and, if applicable, buying the information or products we are selling.  After all, without traffic we may soon give up on our online endeavors.

It’s the same as with your local grocery store…no customers…no business!  Or, no roads…no traffic!

This post is not about buying traffic and I would caution anyone considering this to check for reviews on any products you are thinking of buying.  There is a virtual minefield of potential scams and get-rich-quick schemes that you have to watch out for.  Please do your due diligence and proceed carefully.

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