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Baby Boomers Write Their Own Story Online

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Guess What I Blog About, Man?

After living for some 50 plus years, Baby Boomers are writing their own story online and even on their own websites.  There are many lessons we can all learn and many that the Boomers still have to learn.

But make no mistake about it…Baby Boomers have:

  • The insights
  • The experience
  • The compassion

…and now the internet

…and are using it to get their story out

And why is this important?

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Marketing to Baby Boomers: Today’s Tidal Wave

The Baby Boomer Tidal WaveIn a 2012 report, the Nielsen Company references Baby Boomers as today’s marketing tidal wave.  As with any ocean wave, this population group is vibrant and tirelessly moving…with or without the marketers and their buying projections.


Ignore the purchasing power of Baby Boomers at your peril!  Let me tell you who we are:

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