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Sorry, There Is No Easy Way To Make Money Online: But There Is A Way

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Fiscal cliff, crisis conceptThe internet is rife with claims from Charlatans that there are easy ways to make money online. And many of us follow them blindly over the cliff, foolishly thinking we can grab that bag of money they are claiming is theirs to give.

What drives us to think that the easy way is the best way? Why are we willing to get an education or put years into working for the same company but as soon as someone flashes a fancy get-rich-quick banner all of our common sense gets chucked out the window?

“Show me the way, Master”…don’t do this…do this…

Hold True To Your Values

We’re often distracted and easily led astray because we aren’t sticking to our obligations to stay true to what we hold true. Too quickly we let the “easy” mentality overrule the practical, logical voice…sort of like the good talking to us on one shoulder and the bad talking to us on the other. Which one do you typically listen to?

And far too often we choose the easy road…and the scams are flashing their neon billboards enticing us with false promises and fortunes at the next exit.

Look at it this way…trust your gut! It knows that when something sounds too good to be true it usually is. That’s your values talking; don’t stick your earbuds in your head and try to blast your reason away.

Plan & Work

So what then? How do you ignore these online temptations and money-sucking quicksands?

Plan what you want to do online! Take your values, your gut instincts, your logic, and map out your course…and travel that road.

Here’s what you need:

  • Logically, you will need a website. There are many free and paid options out there so do your homework and find a platform that is going to work for you. This site is built using WordPress and it is one of the easiest to use.
  • Depending on your knowledge and experience, you will need anything from beginner to expert website training. Again, there are many free and paid online training centers that can help you learn how to properly build a site.
  • Because you want to make money online you will then need to decide if you will become an affiliate (and earn commissions), if you will be direct selling your own products, or using ads on your site. What will your niche be?

The Right Training Is The Right Way

CheckmarkDid you go to school to learn a trade or to prepare for a career? Did you not receive some sort of orientation when you first began your job, regardless of how long ago? Are you required to keep your skills updated because of advances in technology?

If you answered “yes” to any of these then ask yourself this: “Why would working online be any different?” Education and orientation…two critical components of success!

This website has researched and authored many reviews of online opportunities and resources. These are only a microcosm of what is available and the smorgasbord you have to select from. Many of these will lead you to online success because yes, “Virginia”, there is a way to succeed.

Don’t Work Alone

Last words of advice: it’s not easy making money online so don’t try to do it alone. Don’t just find an online training center, find one that has an active and engaged community. If you plan to work from home then take advantage of the technology that allows you to talk, debate, and review the work of others doing the same thing you’re doing.

You can read about my recommended training and support community here.

WARNING: there are no neon banners or requirements to “claim your free prize” before you leave the page. If you’re looking to throw your money away you won’t be able to do that here.

This is an online school for you to learn the right way to create a website by pouring your sweat equity into your business.

Thanks for reading.

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