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Solo Ads Agency Review: Buying Traffic Is Not Necessary

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Solo Ad Agency Review Buying Traffic Is Not NecessaryProduct: Solo Ads Agency
Website: soloadsagency.com
Owner: Shaqir Hussyin
Price: $1,050 to $12,100

Score: 4 Out of 10. Read Why!

This is a program to buy traffic for your website which they claim will generate more leads which will then generate more sales.  This is not a recommended process for anyone wanting to learn how to build a website properly and make extra money online.

Overview – Company’s Mission Statement or Tagline

“Done for you traffic”; delivering traffic to all websites (that participate). This is done by providing leads, that you purchase, that will equate into sales.  Solo Ads Agency’s intent is to create traffic campaigns for you that drive traffic to your website.


It was difficult finding the specific training offered without filling out the application form (which I am hesitant in doing for the reasons given below). However, the following is what is offered from Solo Ads Agency:

  • Free “Traffic Expert Consultation” which will provide you with a customized “Traffic & Conversion Plan”
  • Weekly Newsletter “Traffic Growth Masterly Weekly Newsletter”
  • Advice to get traffic and tweak your sales funnel
  • Advice regarding improving your followup conversions
  • How to build your following

Process is: Order your traffic⇒ Fill out a short form⇒ Traffic delivered in 7-14 days


Claim that “real experts” are available to provide support and advice.


Basic – $1,050 buys 200 leads
Bronze – $2,050 buys 420 leads
Silver – $4,050 buys 890 leads
Gold – $7,050 buys 1,650 leads
Diamond – $12,100 buys 3,000 leads


Based on the Price Programs above, there is some control the buyer has in terms of the number of leads purchased. However, for the beginner marketer, even the Basic Program is expensive and the “big online players” are paying $25,000 for Solo Ads Agency’s services.


Whether on their main website or FaceBook page, Solo Ads Agency has surprisingly few “likes”, “Google +’s”, or tweets.

This company boasts helping other “big name” gurus by “boosting their sales”. Contrary to some opinions, these are not reputable companies. For instance:

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The company claims that they are passionate about helping the “little guy” but at the prices listed above it’s really difficult to see how the “little guy”, who’s likely an average income earner, can afford paying for this traffic. (Click here if you want to learn how to get free traffic…organically by using a keyword tool).

The basic question is: Is it better to buy traffic or get it organically?

Organic Traffic = Free Traffic

People search for a product…your website pops up…they click…VOILA…free traffic!

Would you agree that the goal of a website is to be seen and read? If so, then it is critical that you offer engaging posts that provide your visitor with the information or the product that they are looking for. Oftentimes they are researching and may be looking for honest reviews. If you provide them with that then they will:

  • Learn to trust you
  • Come back for more
  • …and even buy

But they are coming because they are searching and are keenly interested in the information you have. How different from those that somehow made it on a list; which is questionable in itself as you cannot verify these are real people before you buy.

Which would you rather do: meet the needs of real people or buy their attention (if they even exist)?

My Recommendation

Buying traffic comes across as a way to cheat the system by getting unsubstantiated leads which, I suspect, will not convert into anything but a lighter bank account.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from anything that looks computer-generated and manufactured. Can you really afford to throw away money on a chance when you can accomplish the same thing with the right training?

Score: 4 out of 10

Want to learn proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Take advantage of this free training and learn how to rank your website properly…and get real traffic.

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  1. I agree with your rating! My former partner had purchase $1000 worth of leads from Solo Ad Agency for our Empower Network biz. We actually got a double dose of leads because of the initial lead email not being set up with our link. So, as you would expect my partner and I were very excited about these “red hot” targeted leads (as they say on the site) for our Empower Network business. Well, after all is said and done and 1400 leads later not 1 out of 1400 converted into a $25 sale. You be the judge! Buyer beware!

  2. Nick Philips says:

    This site seems like a bunch of rubbish to be honest.

    Whoever has made it obviously is making no money and knows nothing about being an internet marketer or business owner.

    He writes crap about a company which is doing well but most importantly actually helping others out there!

    After writing crap he offers his own product hahaa what a way to sell.

    Anyone looking to buy traffic please do check out the soloadsagency just becuase its the sole reason i got myself to
    Over $10,000 a month for the last 6 months.

    Websites like this are just leeches who have nothing better to do and really should
    Be shot.

    If you have half a brain you wont beleive this crap or the people commenting and agreeing with it.

    Best of luck!

    • Actually, this site is about learning how to work online with the proper training and support. That’s why the product I recommend starts with a free starter option, so people can try it out and decide if it’s for them. And, by the way, the training does teach you how to be an online marketer and business owner. But it’s also about being realistic and having the right mind set. Glad you are making money. I wish you all the best in your online marketing.

  3. i always thought the idea of solo ads sounded promising, but the one time I tried it – I didn’t get any sales and the email list seemed to be only people wanting to build their list. Thanks for breaking it down for us

    • Thanks for stopping by. I agree, people only want to build lists…which include robots that come to your site in whatever manner. Um, those are not people and will not add value, leave legitimate comments, or buy anything.

  4. Any recommendations on the best traffic for Empower Network and Ipass2

  5. Some people swear by solo ads. But you should not rely on them exclusively. Personally, I’ve had mixed results and will occasionally throw a few bucks into the mix. Remember, unless you are notified otherwise, these folks are on your list for life. And if you have an ongoing email process the new optins could easily come around because with a different emphasis at a later date.

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