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SEO Keyword Suggestions That Will Get You Ranked On Page One

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Hit the Target MarketDid you know that keyword tools will get your website ranked on page one? And if you’ve been looking for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keyword suggestions then this research tool is for you. In fact, it’s more than a suggestion…it should be mandatory for your success!

Depending on which one tool you use, you can also find out how many monthly searches there are for each keyword as well as how many others are competing against you for the same phrase.

For anyone who has a website set up for business then you definitely need to know phrases people are actually typing into the search engines. It’s like having an inside peek into what’s working and what’s not.

First, What is SEO?

This is basically learning how to ensure people find your website. You need to simply do these two things:

1. Know the keyword phrases people are using
2. Writing information that they are looking for.

Do these two things and your website posts, like many on this site, will make their way to page one of the search engines, including Google, which gets about two thirds of all website traffic. If you would like to know more about my recommended training you can read my review here.

Knowing Your Competition Is #1

It is estimated that there are approximately 2 billion people online and every website is trying to market to them and either sell them something or provide them with useful information. Some even want to provide humor or life coaching insights.

With the millions of websites, how do you know who your competition is? Take a look at these two screenshots.

This first one shows the keyword being used in this post. Compare the monthly traffic to the actual competition. Also, note that the lower to zero your competition is the better.

Keyword Searches From Jaaxy

Now look at this second one. Sure, more traffic but look at the competition you would be up against.

Keyword Searches From Jaaxy with High Competition

Which one do you think would be the better keyword that would get your post ranked higher? The one with less competition of course! Don’t let the higher monthly searches fool you; the number of competing pages is pretty much a sure sign that your post won’t be found. You’re up against “the big boys” here.  Learn more about this great tool.

Don’t Roll The Dice With Your Website

Having this kind of information will ensure that your website gets ranked and if you use “low hanging fruit” (keywords with very low, 50 or less, competing pages) you will even get your website to page one that much quicker.

And what does this mean to you:

Keyword Searches with Traffic Equal Money

If you’re serious about getting traffic then you need to learn how to attract people to your website. You don’t want to be left wandering lost in the internet desert…we just won’t know where you are.

Are you interested in trying my recommended keyword tool out? Create an account and get 30 searches free. I recommend you keep your queries specific to your website’s niche and that you save the results. Lets see how you do.

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  1. Thank you Rick for sharing this very helpful blog! Like you have said, it is a mandatory to use the right Keyword for our blog title before you start writing.

    • Using the right keyword definitely helps get you on the first page, maybe even the first spot. And research shows that the top 3 spots on page one get the most clicks.

  2. I was just helping someone that was struggling with sales, and noticed that they didn’t have many blog posts on their blog. My advice to them was YOU NEED MORE TRAFFIC! Traffic comes from good keyword research. So yeah, get some good keywords, blog like a madman, and only THEN will you start to see some money.

    • Thanks for pointing out the need for good keyword research. No question that it helps bring traffic by understanding what people are looking for. Jaaxy is my recommended tool to find good keywords with low competition.

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