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Secret Money System Review – This One Was Painful!

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Secret Money System Review - LogoWhen I was researching for this Secret Money Making review I almost didn’t make it through the video. It went on and on and on, repeating the same things over and over. I actually almost gave up writing this review. But I really wanted to know who Charles was.

Company: Secret Money System
Website: secretmoneysystem.com
Owner: Juan Gabriel
Price: $49.00
Rating: 2 Out of 10

What Will This Product Do For You?

The product gives a “done for you website” that has been tested and purportedly gets you traffic and conversions.


The training and product is “done for you right out of the box.” This means, according to the owners and affiliates, that in 20 minutes you can have your business up and running and making money.

  • There is six weeks of live training with the videos then available to review later.
  • No additional training or products are necessary to purchase following your initial investment and implementation.
  • There is training on how to get traffic but little is explained how this works unless you purchase the program (see my reasons not to purchase in the analysis below).

The training is broken up into 4 modules

  • The main one, Secret Money System
  • An advanced Elite Money System
  • Traffic training
  • How to use the system in Social Media


  • The owner makes a promise that if you have not made $100,000 in 90 days he will personally help you.
  • Support is available at the exclusive members site where you can get your questions answered.


  • At $49 the program is reasonably priced.
  • Point and click to get your website up and running (you have to purchase the domain and hosting) and then plug it into the Secret Money System program.
  • There aren’t any upsells after your initial investment.
  • Training includes how to setup your website and how to generate traffic.


  • There is not an opportunity to try this program out for free which most legitimate online businesses do allow. Therefore, you would not be given the chance to see what your website would look like let alone how it’s going to make you a lot of money with next to no work needing to be done.
  • There is little to no mention of the fact that you need to purchase your own website and arrange for your own hosting. While not expensive (websites through reputable registrars are about $10/year and hosting can start as low as $4/month) it would still be useful to be upfront with all the expenses you need to know to begin your online business.
  • There is no discussion about proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which, when followed correctly will prevent you from running afoul of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates from last year and any new updates they may spring upon us.
  • In reviewing other comments about the system, it’s stated that you have to use the systems recommended hosting, CloudProHosting, which is approximately $100 but would include your website. I pay $4.95 a month at NameCheap for my hosting for one of my sites and for my other sites hosting is included in my $47/month membership fee (see my Recommendation below)


  • Juan said something very interesting at the beginning of the video. This product was “Untainted from the rest of the scams out there.” What??? Did he just align his own product with other scams? I suspect he meant that his was pure and could be relied on to be honest but that’s certainly not how it came out.
  • Another member made the statement, and I think incorrectly so, “there is no way you can start earning your online income today”. Freudian slip??…I don’t think so.
  • Viewers were also reminded that they were brought to the video by invitation only and that we were to “keep the website secret – don’t tell anyone”. I found the video by doing a search on Google and, oops, I then did a review on it. But that’s fine because I didn’t receive a special invitation and I certainly won’t be sending any out.
  • You should be cautious of any product that claims it is “done for you”. Let me ask you this, why would you give up control of your own business? This is simply an attempt to make you believe (and many do) that this system will not require any work on your part. For me, that’s not a business model that makes sense.
  • The system promises riches with just 20 minutes of work a day and while on autopilot. Stop and ask yourself if this really makes sense. If you’re truly posting quality content and providing the information or the products that your visitors are searching for then you owe it to them to provide nothing but the best…and that cannot be done in 20 minutes.
  • The testimonials in the promotional video appeared fake, put on, like the “successful students” were using a script. I was getting tired of hearing how wonderful Juan is; it was actually one of those “gag me with a spoon moments”. Plus, the whole thing looked staged, even Juan “wandering from room to room or outside” in a house he didn’t look comfortable in (made me wonder if it was really his).

I think Juan was convinced we wouldn’t hear him or take action unless he repeated things at least 7 time (I think that’s what the experts must advocate). And he did; here are some of them:

  • $256,000 to create and costs me $15,000/month to maintain the servers
  • For just a tiny pitch-in investment of $49
  • A limited number of seats and then we close forever
  • Juan promises that if you don’t make $100,000 in 90 days he will do the work for you.

So Who Is Charles?

We actually never get to find out. He seems to be the one that gave Juan the program initially with promises made that it would be used to help people. But there was no convincing prove that Charles is a real person, unless he becomes the scapegoat for Juan for a program that has gone sour.


My Recommendation

I belong to an online training center that provides training, fast technical support, and a supportive community of 200,000 with a Live Chat that lets you ask your questions 24/7.

I’ve been a member for 20 months now and will be renewing my annual membership in November, 2014. I’ve searched the web, I’ve been scammed, and now I have found a safe community that lets me learn how to build a proper online business that’s providing me a part-time income. My goal is to make that a full-time income in 2015.

I invite you to compare the two opportunities and decide for yourself which one is legitimate.

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  1. Great job Rick, right to the point.

    I have lost my trust in “I help you make money online, or else” a long time ago.
    Im wondering if the makers of the vids and products, ever watch their own videos?

    I’m guessing NO! How in the world can they distribute such poor quality online and to their potential customers?

    I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and allthough I’m not a very active member anymore (I switched to SBI!) I encourage everyone to take a look at WA and start building their own network.

    All you need are people who just like you, have the same goal….succeed online at their own pace and are willing to help each other.

    Greetings from Amsterdam and keep writing as you always do 🙂

    • I think that regardless where we get our training, host our site, and interact with a community the important thing is that we search for those very things when we are wanting to work online. There’s too many scams out there and people just jump on the first glittery thing they see that they think will make them easy money without the work. Won’t happen. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thanks for this great post on yet another scam. Finding reviews on the SMS was really hard. It’s still new and the only reviews I found were from people who only want to resell it. They really don’t care if can do what is says it can.

    I did find one reviewer who actually bought it and did his best to make it work. Here is a small snippet of his review.

    “This is not even worth giving away for free because there is really no value in the members area at all. This is another product that has been designed 100% for the affiliates to make money from without caring about what the customers are getting.”


    • Yeah, it was hard for me to find an unbiased review, too. One thing I found out was that if you buy the program, and it goes from $49 to $7 real quick, there then seems to be some non-disclosure thing you have to agree to. No thanks, if your product can’t withstand honest scrutiny then what kind of product is it?

  3. What a wonderful review and a wonderful website you have here for us Baby Boomers to learn.
    You know the years of retirements are reaching and we have to do something to keep us going.

    Thank you Rick, for helping us finding and continuing with what we like most. WORKING!

  4. Great job Rick for this positive and honest review. It was interesting to read your review. It shed some insight into Secret Money Making . This is helpful if one wants to consider throw away his hard earned cash. Such reviews are important to help protect innocent people who are looking for opportunities online.
    Thanks once more.

    Best regards.

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