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Quite Simply, This Is The Best Tool I’ve Found To Check My Website Ranking

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Page 1 on Google again! This keyword tool really works. I recently wanted to check my website ranking and found the following:

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Published January 3, 2014

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool but it has many other functions to help you build your online business. Viewing your rankings is one of them. What this means to you is that not only can you use it to find your keywords, meaning finding those phrases that are being searched and have low competition, but you can also use it to see how well your posts are doing.

And why does this matter?

Higher Rank = More Visitors

If you own a website then it’s logical that you want your website to be found, by both the search engines and, more importantly, by visitors. And this is even more important if your site is geared towards making money, promoting a cause, or even providing tips on fixing your house…likely with affiliate links to provide the products that will help your visitors.

Observe yourself the next time you surf online. How often do you click past the first page of whatever search engine you’re using? If you don’t find it right away, do you try another search?

What do you think about this:

  • If you’re not in the top 3 positions on page 1 then you are not going to be found! True? False?
  • Would you believe that the #1 position receives ⅓ of all traffic and spots #2 and #3 combined get about the same?
  • That means that everything else below the #3 spot shares about 40% of all traffic. And that goes primarily to anything else on page one…past that is internet desert.

How important do you think the right keyword tool is now?

UX = User Experience

With all of the changes in search engines algorithms it’s never been more important to provide quality content to your site if you want to get the engines to start up and race over to see what you’ve written.

  • Are you providing information or regurgitation?
  • Is your website a department store advertising anything and everything in the hopes someone will buy something?
  • AND…are your visitors coming back knowing that you will have more answers for the questions that they are asking?

That’s the user experience that gets you noticed. And the right keyword tool will ensure you get the attention you know your site deserves.

The Right Keyword = Website Ranking

Jaaxy allows you to search phrases and find out:

  • The monthly searches
  • How much traffic the phrase brings
  • And, most importantly, what your competition is…the lower the better.

These components will help you provide real information that real people are looking for. And that, my friends, equals visitors…plain and simple.

Having the ability to then follow up and check the rankings on your posts helps you understand what’s working and what’s not. There are posts on this website that have been successful and some that have fallen faster than Alex Baumgartner’s celebrated free fall from space (I won’t tell you which ones but, yes, they’re still posted here).

But used in conjunction with Google Analytics or as a stand-alone keyword tool, Jaaxy helps you plan your website strategy and then analyze it’s effectiveness.

Ready to take one of those 3 top spots on page 1?

Try Jaaxy free here…and get ranking!


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  1. Hi Rick, Yeah getting the #1 Ranking on Google is always a really great feeling. Congratz on your success! Keep up the good work! And having the right keyword tool is always going to help with that. I think that Jaaxy is certainly one of the best out there. All the Best going forward. David

    • Thanks for your comments. I get so busy on Jaaxy that I lose all track of time. I love the option to be able to save my searches, have like 7 pages or so of some great keywords.

  2. Excellent article Rick!

    Knowing where you rank is important, but there are so many variables that can impact your rankings that you should not think that all content is going to be a “home run” if you emulate successful content from the past.

    Instead, use a tool like Jaaxy SiteRank to check your ranks, but also use it to determine which keywords are low competition and target those with your content. And lastly, write content that is highly valuable to the end user, this is the quickest way to ensure your content will rank often and will rank high.

    • Thanks, Kyle. Sometimes that valuable content is so hard to create because we think we have to sound like someone we’re not instead of just writing what we know (includes doing our research) in our own voice and for our reader. Many times I have to back-up and rewrite because I was trying to sound important. People will see right through that and quickly leave if they think they’re being talked down to.

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