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Pure Leverage Review: Mansions & Fast Cars Not Included

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Pure Leverage - Google Chrome 2014-02-17 09.00.06Product: Pure Leverage
Website: pureleverage.org
Owner:Joel Therien
Price: $1.00 for 7 Days Then $24.95/month
NOTE: Becoming a Reseller costs $19.97/month
VIP Reseller costs $97/month

Score: Out 4 out of 10. Read Why!


Pure Leverage’s goal is to provide internet tools for anyone to start their own online business.

Intent of Product

This company’s goal is to provide those who sign up the opportunity to create their own online business and make a substantial income. They provide a “software suite” that anyone can use to be successful online.

The company claims that they will provide you with online marketing coaching as well as lead capture pages that will ensure you get emails from those who visit your website.


  • Online marketing coaching
  • Learn and use their lead capture system (produced for you)
  • Coaching on how to get traffic
  • Learn how to use video emails
  • Online meeting rooms
  • A – Z home study course


While I have no first hand knowledge of their support system, Pure Leverage does provide a Contact Us Page you can use without even being a member. That bodes well for what you will find inside.


They state that you can have your own free blog. This is fine but you want to make sure that you control your free blog.

There also appears to be a lot of coaching and support available. This would be critical for anyone who has never worked online before. See more comments about this below.

There would be some value with their video email autoresponder as videos have become the norm online.


One sign of a scam is when they show you the cars they drive and the mansions they live in. This makes you believe that you, too, can have all this if you but join. My experience has been that the only ones with those things are the ones that are all too willing to take your money…and run.

Many of the programs offered can actually be found online for free. Or at the very least you can test drive a program first before deciding to buy. Probably the most significant free blogs that most people know about are Google Blogger and WordPress.

red thumb down isolated on whiteThe other concern with a “made-for-you-blog” is that it always invites the question of who actually owns it should you leave? Also, should you leave, will the site disappear or will some anonymous administrator keep it live and up to date? Of course, if they do, you will not see a penny of any earnings.

You should be concerned with any product that is “done-for-you”. You actually should be provided with training on how to create things like landing pages and email lists. What you need are the tools to make them work and then do the work personally.

Pure Leverage claims that “blogging is taking the internet by storm”…um…yeah, a long time ago. This could be concerning if they’re behind the times with all the recent changes that Google has made to it’s algorithms.

Pure Leverage is currently running a contest to get “500 clicks a day for 30 days”. What wasn’t found in the promo was where the clicks were coming from. To be specific, are these real people clicking (I doubt it) or shared lists (likely) or even auto-bots that spew these forth with gusto! The only clicks that matter are those from real people…and you can generate those on your own.

My Recommendation

If you want to leverage anything with your online business then you need two things:


Start an online business in something that you are not only passionate about but something that you can keep writing about for the long term. The way to get traffic is to provide your visitors with the information or the products that they are looking for, without coming across as being spammy. That traffic is FREE!

Yes, it will take longer to build a website business like this up but you can guarantee the quality of the site because you are putting your name on it.

100 percentages free red white banner - letters and blockTraining

Working online can be daunting so you need to make sure that you have the right training that is going to help you succeed. Training that lets you start free or upgrade (only once) to get access to even further training.

This is my recommended training and I’ve followed it to successfully create the website you are on. Think you can do this? Or, if you’re ready to begin now, you can start here with your own free website and get your own online business up and running now.

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  1. I am glad I read this review before signing up. Although I was suspicious at the very beginning, only after reading this article was I able to recognize Pure Leverage for the pure scam it is.

    • It’s surprising how many people join these things without doing a proper review. I’m glad that you found this one useful and that it helped you make a decision to stay away. All the best to you.

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