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Partner With Tom Review: Scores 3 Out Of 10

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Partner With Tom Review

NOTE: Name was blocked out on “Partner With Tom” video

Product: Partner With Tom

Website: http://www.partnerwithtom.com

Owner: Tom Rockwell

Score:  3 Out of 10.  Read Why!


The product claims to be a work-at-home system that allows you to make money when you create your “My Partner Website”.


Intent of Product

The company claims:

  • You will make thousands of dollars a day online
  • You will help people from around the world



Tom Rockwell states that he has 12 “secret strategies” for getting a ton of free visitors to your money-making website.

These strategies are not revealed, presumably until after you purchase your website (see Cost below).  Arguably this is reasonable given that it is a system that has been developed with the sole intent of being a work-at-home opportunity so there are the assumed proprietary rights.

There are claims that a “ton of free training” is available that will help promote your website and make money while on autopilot.  All you need to do is copy his money-making program in order to assure your online success.



Tom promises that should you sign up you will have his personal help and assistance in managing your website and that his company will take care of everything.



If this works then the visitors and the money are automatic and you will become rich for doing very little work.

Some are claiming that they are making money but the information available to make an informed decision was sketchy and did not appear to be readily available for those of us who like to look before we leap.



Very little information is provided as to how you will “help people from around the world”.  While a noble sounding cause, the only one apparently “helped” is yourself if you are making thousands of dollars a day, plus Tom as he must make his small commission.

Even with proprietary rights on the training, it would be useful to disclose how someone will earn money and what they will be required to do in order to earn.

There is no emphasis on learning a business or about websites and the understandings and work involved in creating and maintaining one.  It may well be that the website is on a sub-domain which means that you don’t actually own it and therefore run the risk of being restricted in its use.

I found the promo video very misleading because it promised the program was free but then you were required to pay $97.00 for your website.  So perhaps the program itself is free but in order to access it you need to purchase the companion website which, interestingly, appears to be a “partner” with Tom in that it is referred to as a partner website.  Tom seems to blame them for the cost but I’m wondering in whose pocket that money actually goes?  After all, Tom seems to have some control over how much you will be charged; in fact, he’s reducing their cost by $300.00.



Free? – Initially you are promised that there is no cost to this money making system.  You actually can “sign up” for free but then the upsell begins.

$97.00 – You are then instructed to create a website with mypartnerwebsite.com so that you can then take advantage of Tom’s money-making strategies.  Of note, the author did not purchase this so cannot attest to the worth of this website.

Refund – Tom claims that he will refund your money if you’re not satisfied within 60 days.

However, in researching this article I found numerous complaints about how difficult this actually is.  Others had difficulties getting a response and finally had to resort to contacting their credit card companies in the hopes that they could get these charges reversed.  As well, they claimed that they were overcharged for items they never ordered.


My Recommendation

“Partner With Tom” has all the earmarks of a scam and I would avoid it!

A legitimate company will choose to persuade you with their product, with no hidden sales gimmick or upsell that is a secret until you actually pay out some money.  I don’t have money to throw around, do you?

Because I want a legitimate online business that I would be proud of and not afraid to talk about and promote, I cannot recommend this product.


Score 3 out of 10

















If you want to know more about working online and even creating a website that you own and that comes with training and support then I invite you to read my Wealthy Affiliate review and decide if this might be a legitimate place for you to start.

Or you can watch this video, create a free account, and check out an online community that wants to truly help you succeed online.


WA Starter Screenshot


Please let me know if you’ve had any experiences, good or bad, with “Partner With Tom”.

Thanks for reading.



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  1. Definitely a fair rating of this product Rick, Partner With Tom follows all the same trademarks of a scammy Product. First comes the sketchy video sales page, then the lie that it’s FREE, then comes the upsales, he’s obviously affiliated with that (mypartnerwebsite,com. When you try to leave his sales page you are prompted by the “are you sure you want to leave” message and your only given a 60 day refund cause it’s part of the policy of the affiliate network the products running on.

    Definitely stick the Wealthy Affiliate. That literally is Free on the starter account and the training is second to none. Wealthy Affiliate member for over a year and have no plans to go anywhere soon.


    • Thanks for stopping by Chris. I, too, found it difficult to get off of Tom’s page, there was one upsell after another. I don’t like feeling like I’m being dragged to the trough to eat. One thing I really like about Wealthy Affiliate is that the discourage this type of pressure selling and things like pop ups. The visitor is not in control and are now doing everything they can to click away as fast as they can. It’s really unfortunate that some seem to think that force-feeding is the only way they will make sales.

  2. Another product that tries the “this product is totally free” route is Instant Payday Network. And just about every internet marketing product out there claims to have a secret system that they are going to reveal in just a moment…but first listen to this amazing story…and then they discovered the 1 secret that no one will tell you…but first let me show you my bank account. LOL. It’s comical to see these types of promotions because I’ve seen so many of them now, but they are extremely deceptive to ‘green’ people.

    • You absolutely nailed it, Nathaniell. “Secret system ==>> never before revealed ==>> listen to my hard-luck story ==>> look at my bank account now”. I think the one making the big money is whoever came up with that money-making formula and sold it to all the gurus and scammers. Thanks for stopping by.

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