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Want The Goods On How To Blog On Facebook?

Talk...engage...stay connected. If you take a look at Facebook’s mission statement below, they want us to have the power to share. And they have given us the free platform to do just that. And really, connecting and sharing is how to blog on … [Continue reading]

Are Your Blogs Life Changing OR Life Sucking?

Whether you write ‘em, read ‘em, or trash ‘em, blogs can be life changing or totally suck the life out of you! We all have blogs we love and blogs we hate (not this one, of course). Some are engaging and even border on brilliant and some are a … [Continue reading]

Is Writing A Blog Post Hard? – Try These 3 Easy Steps

Some days, writing a blog post is hard and it becomes very easy to get distracted with social media (just kicked myself off of Pinterest), T.V. (only one more episode of Big Bang Theory, please), or even housework...although the place does look … [Continue reading]

Creating A Goal For Your Website – It’s Not A Roll Of The Dice

Daddy needs a new pair of shoes! C’mon lucky #7! This doesn’t exactly sound like the best way of creating a goal for your website, letting chance and lady luck roll the dice for you. But how many website owners leave their goals to the gods to … [Continue reading]

How Do You Talk To People On Twitter – Or Do You Sell, Sell, Sell?

How do you talk to people on Twitter?

Do you ever get frustrated with the speed of Twitter and the fact that many people are only intent on selling? It’s become a giant advertising billboard! My question for you is, how do you talk to people on Twitter? There seems to be 3 … [Continue reading]

Baby Boomers Are Invited To Create A Free Website

I would like to invite other Baby Boomers who want their own website to test drive this free website builder.  This is exactly how I started and, 10 months later, I have a website I am very proud of and am starting to make some extra money from. And … [Continue reading]

How To Set Up A Google Alert: Tips For Baby Boomers

Did you know that there is a simple way to make sure you keep up on all the newest and greatest information about your niche?  This one comes straight from Google and in this post I wanted to share a few tips about how you can set up your own Google … [Continue reading]