Learn How To Create A Successful Online Business

Internet Income University Review

Product: Internet Income University Website: http://www.internetincomeuniversity.com/ Owners: Kevin and Darin Blue Mission: “Pay It Forward” Tagline: “Where Education…Meets Opportunity” Score 4 out of 10 - Read Why … [Continue reading]

Learn and Build a Website

I’m sure we've all heard “If you build it they will come”.  This is a great line from a great movie, Field of Dreams.  So appropriate for the movie…not so much if you want to learn and build a website!   Remember high school, college, or … [Continue reading]

Earn Money At Home Online

All frills aside…who hasn't thought about how to earn money at home and online?  Wouldn't it be great, to stay home and work? Baby Boomers think the same and this blog, of course is dedicated to you.  Let’s talk about what you may do to accomplish … [Continue reading]

Empower Network Review

Product: Empower Network Website: empowernetwork.com Score: 2 out of 10 - Read Why I am speaking from personal experience about this company - I was with them for four months.  Compare this to where I am now (see below) - 18 months!  Read … [Continue reading]

Making Money With A Blog

Before we get too much further, I do want to spend some time discussing making money with a blog for those of you who may be considering this. Others Make Money…Or So I Hear…Can I? Of course you can!  But I’m sure you would agree that it would be … [Continue reading]

Keywords for Baby Boomers

People finding your website is not a game of “hide and seek”! If you are serious about ranking your website in the search engines then you need to be determining good keywords for Baby Boomers, meaning, knowing what they are looking for, whether … [Continue reading]

What Do I Blog About?

“Location!  Location!  Location!” How often have we heard that when we are buying a house.  In the world of blogging it can be described as, “Niche!, Niche!  Niche!” What do I blog about when there are over three billion blog references on … [Continue reading]