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My “Wake Up Now” Home Business Debate: And The Winner Is…?

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My Wake Up Now Debate About Easy Money

You don’t go to bed broke and “Wake Up Now” Rich

Recently, I was contacted by someone I knew who asked me if I was interested in a “network marketing opportunity”. Of course, I thought, not knowing that this would turn into a debate about the “Wake Up Now” Home Business…scam!

OK, in fairness, I tried to look at it objectively but as I did some quick reviews I became more and more concerned that this was a bundling of free programs already available online that were turned into a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and that would give me unprecedented wealth.

Baby Boomers Learn To Blog is not just a website about creating a successful blog but it is also dedicated to reviewing other online businesses in an attempt to provide insights into the latest scummy scams that target our generation and others.

So enjoy this debate and let me know who you think wins.


For the purposes of this public blog all names have been changed to protect the identities of the debaters…well, at least one of them. Let’s call this person, “Fred”.

Scene One Opens – we’re both online and get chatting on social media.

Fred: Hi Rick. I have an incredible online marketing opportunity for you if you are interested.

Rick (me): Well, I have an online business now but thanks.

Fred: Don’t go!  You have to check out this “Wake Up Now” opportunity.  Here’s a quick video.

Rick: Is this Empower Network?

Fred: No, no, no.  It’s Wake Up Now.  Here is the link to the video, you just have to watch it!

Rick: OK, I’ll give it a look out of curiosity.

The Parties Square Off

Wake Up Now is an online business that lets you select from one or more of the following (and note that they charge you a monthly fee for these opportunities). I must note that I could not find out the price to join on their homepage and I wasn’t interested in signing up just to see what it would cost.


They Say: The intent of this program is to help you get cash back when you buy something online. They claim that they are a “portal” to hundreds of online merchants and that these merchants have partnered with Wake Up Now to give you special incentives to purchase and get money back.

I Say: go to any of the merchants they claim can give you great prices and check them out for yourself online. These merchants also have Affiliate Programs that you can join for free; i.e. WalMart.

Vacation Club

They Say: you can go on a vacation for a fraction of the cost and that their club gives you access to anything from hotels to cruises. There is also a condo program that lets you stay in any one of a hundred places…at 80% off.

I Say: Do some online research and you will see that similar deals are offered by various companies and/or travel agents.


They Say: this is a “one-touch” system that will let you save “thousands on your taxes”. They do this through an app that helps you track things like mileage, using your phone to take pictures of receipts, and even sync your records in some cloud.

I Say: first of all, the phone is not included because, well, you likely already own one. And the rest of these services I already have because of all the free clouds already out there or because I have an odometer on my car and a free distance calculator already downloaded.

Tell Me More Language Program

They Say: master any language from the comfort of your own home.

I Say: this one might be interesting because most language programs typically cost you money (although I do like Google Translate).

Invisus Digital Protection

They Say: this program can protect you from identity theft or other online threats.

I Say: again, interesting because we should have some kind of theft and virus protection for our electronics.

Grocery Discounts

They Say: this will let you search and find manufacturer coupons online instead of cutting coupons out of the weekend paper or flyer.

I Say: I don’t have to pay for this because I get papers and can already search online (I’m paying for home internet so why not already take advantage of something I have?)

Wake Up Now Finance

They Say: you can use this to get a clear and simple overview of your finances and that you no longer have to guess where your money is going.

I Say: it’s easy to keep track of being broke.  In the alternative, my online bank statements pretty much give me the same information.

AT&T and Verizon

They Say: subscribers can access up to 22% on their calling plans.

I Say: why can’t I just go to these two phone giants and get the savings directly from them (oh, right, Wake Up Now is selling me an exclusive package).

Wake Up Now Free

They Say: companies are always promoting their products and are willing to give them away free.

I Say: “Dear Company”…send me some free products (notice I just skipped the Wake Up Now “middleman”…again!)


They Say: members can access 150 magazine titles that can be sent to your home.

I Say: Hmm, if I don’t pay Wake Up Now then I can use that money to subscribe to magazines and, oh yeah, use the discount cards they’re always offering to get a great deal for a year.

This video is worth watching:



Scene Two: our debate continues

Fred: I am prepared to personally talk to your friends to help you get your business going.

Rick: (thinks to self – “I don’t want you anywhere near my friends”). I read that it’s $99 per month? It looks like Wake Up Now is charging a monthly fee for affiliates when they can actually get the same thing free at places like Amazon or eBay.

Fred: All you have to do is sign up 3 people and then they sign up 3 more and then they sign up more…(ad infinitum I’m guessing)  And then you’re set with $6,000 a month with this perfect business model.

Rick: (Shakes head, not sure where the $6,000 came from) And what are you selling that is of value? If you’re just after sign ups and don’t actually have a product that you can call your own then you are advocating for a pyramid scheme. This looks like a scam.

Fred: All you have to do is pay $105 a month and you will get all the benefits from Wake Up Now, including all of their products and services.  There is an awesome Vacation Club, shopping discounts, discounts off of your phone bill…all kinds of neat things and you are now a proud and independent business owner.

Rick: (note – this is an actual screenshot from this conversation, my comments):

My Wake Up Now Home Business Debate

These are things to be concerned about.





So? Who do you think wins the debate? Did Wake Up Now convince you that they are a legitimate online business opportunity?  I must say that even as I was writing this I became less and less convinced that there was any legitimacy to this “opportunity”.

Sorry “Fred”…gotta call this one a scam!

Let me offer an alternative that you can compare to. This is an online training center that teaches you how to build your own website and make money…if you’re willing to learn before you earn.


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  1. Someone asked me about Wake Up Now recently and I did the research but didn’t really see any value in such a program. Never a fan of the “sign up 3 people to sign up 3 people” model just to make money because people would rather focus on that aspect of making money than the product orientated aspect of it which to me makes it a pyramid.

    Better to spend your time building a real business that brings value to people’s lives than running around creating a vicious circle because that’s all it is. If I get three people, they’re under pressure to get 3 people and that pressure is passed down the line otherwise you’re a failure. Makes no sense.

    Good review and I hope more people read it and agree.


    • You’re absolutely right, Jay. Folks need to find or promote an actual product and not be told to sign up 3 who sign up 3…and on. This is very much like the Empower Network scam. There isn’t an actual product except for a website that you can actually get for free elsewhere and have total control of it. Thanks for reading.

  2. I recently was investigating this program myself and it seems to be nothing more than a pyramid scheme. Their discount packages you can purchase on three different levels, I forget the exact prices, but they were something like $25, $60, or $99 per month, depending on the “level” you bought. That seems like a lot of money to buy something that is intended to *save* you money, when in reality you’re spending $1,200 per year to save money that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, does it? Especially because in order to really save money, you can probably find most of the stuff offered in their discount packages for free when you do some searching online (like you said) or buy a cheaper alternative. Like the phone bill for example, – Verizon is one of the most expensive phone companies, if you switched to a cheaper alternative (Like Boost, Metro PCS, Tracfone) you could easily save $50 or more per month!

    There are much more smarter and practical ways to save money, so their product is not really offering anyone a whole lot of value in my opinion. The real money with this program is selling the program to others, who go on to sell it to others. That is a pyramid scheme!

    • Good points, thanks. I didn’t know that about Verizon (don’t use them) so I’m glad you added that point here. Hopefully others see this for the sham that it is.

  3. I don’t think it matters who won the debate Rick. What matters is this place sounds like a pyramid scheme selling illusions and you saw right through it!

    • Yeah, you’re exactly right about the debate. The real issue is that this is a scam and I know that a lot of younger people are falling for it. My teen asked me about it because he was being contacted. That’s ultimately what prompted the post.

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