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My Top Tier Business Review: Average People Cannot Afford This Program

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My Top Tier Business Review: Average People Cannot Afford This ProgramThere are many online “opportunities” out there and we all need to be careful and do our homework. As you will see in “My Top Tier Business” Review, it is one of these and, while it sounds intriguing, average people just won’t be able to afford it.  But they will try to sell us on how invincible we can be online!

Product: My Top Tier Business
Website: MyTopTierBusiness.com
Owner: Matt Lloyd
Price: It’s not free! (Read below)

Scores 4 out of 10. Read Why


This is a 21 step system that teaches you how to generate leads for products and then turn those leads over to a phone sales team that will “close the deal”…meaning, you don’t have to do any selling.

The system claims that it can help you make $1,000…$3,000…and $5,000 for on each commission. This is done by selling “high ticket” items on the internet. (Unknown what those are and very few specifics are provided on many sites visited).

The Product

The intent is to teach you how to generate leads and the system, including the sales team, will do the rest. This means that they will phone your leads so you don’t have to do any selling.

This is not an affiliate program per se but, rather, considered similar to a franchise in which you buy, and sell, licensee rights. This is done by becoming a MOBE affiliate.


Once you “buy in” (see pricing below) you have access to the following training:

  • the 21 step program (unavailable unless you sign up)
  • daily lessons, videos and webinars
  • access to sales funnels and products (unknown unless you sign up)

Following the 21 step program you are given access to the 30 Day Traffic System. This will teach you how to generate traffic; for example, make videos that visitors will click on and sign up for the program.


  • One on one coaching with a Top Tier coach to help you get started with your traffic strategy
  • Access to a sales team that makes all the calls to close the deal
  • Administration support and record keeping
  • Support Team is available.


Offers to “take the pressure off” for those who are uncomfortable making sales calls; they will do it for you.

Provides a step-by-step guide to help you succeed. Having a guide or specific steps are typically beneficial for anyone new to online marketing.

Teaches how to create sales funnels, get “qualified” traffic, and allows you to use the principles learned for other online endeavors.


Required to sign a “Nondisclosure” Agreement. Why? While many programs utilize their own USP (Unique Selling Proposition) it seems unrealistic to go to the point of signing a nondisclosure agreement for something that is performed within the public realm. The internet is the last place anyone should expect to remain anonymous and “leak-free”.

If you skip one of the 21 steps then you forfeit your refund guarantee. This includes if you do a step out of order or, for whatever reason, cannot finish a step.

There is concern with the marketing strategies used. For example:
It’s free ⇒ but pay a $49 application fee ⇒ it cost another $1,997 to get the MOBE Program

In regards to the additional costs, Matt himself stated in the Warrior Forum (an online forum for internet marketers), that “upsells” are common “in the business”. He goes on to explain that these provide additional value to the customer and allows for other sales products for the marketers.

Another concern is the information that is being asked for on MTTB’s application form. Here’s what they want to know about you:

  • First and last name
  • Email
  • Best Phone (likely because you would connect with your coach via phone)
  • Skype ID (Optional)
  • Billing Address — Why???

Most of the information requested is reasonable but I can’t understand why they need your billing address…this is an online business!

Price – Here’s Where They Lost Me

While it is advertised as free, this program requires a $49.00 “application fee”. If your application is not accepted then this money is refunded. But if it is accepted you will be given access to the material noted above.

HOWEVER: you will then be asked to pay $1,997 to purchase a MOBE (My Online Business Empire) license to actually get the full program. This will be a major hurdle for the average person.

MOBE Products

  • Products range from $87.00 to $267.00
  • Can sell these for 90% commission
  • Can resell the MOBE license itself for 50% commission which equates to $1,000.00
  • Titanium Mastermind
  • Platinum Mastermind
  • Total price of both $8,000

Recommended to get “fully positioned on day one” so your commissions don’t permanently go to your sponsor.

There are many references to “done-for-you”; whether its their sales system (others make your phone calls) or traffic leads. This is wishful thinking if you believe that you can sit back and relax while others build your business. A successful business needs your “sweat equity”, personal attention and vision…or else it belongs to someone else and they have control.

My Recommendation

I will likely be chastised for reviewing without trying the program. However, the goal in doing this review was to actually join the program; after all, $49 is not a large amount of money. However, it was in doing my research that I discovered the additional cost of $1,997, That was enough to stop me right there.

And then another $8,000.00!! Like the title says, this is something the average person can afford. Most should start off free to get a good taste of what’s possible and only then consider the upsells.

Based on the information available it is apparent that My Top Tier Business is more scam than legit. Reputable online companies shouldn’t be shy about posting their opportunity online. Many of us don’t mind providing limited information about ourselves in order to properly check out these companies.

However, when companies “hide” behind applications that cost money and nondisclosure agreements before you “see the secret” then our tendency needs to be to stay away.

Score: 4 out of 10

A Test If You’re Willing

First, if you’re wondering which online training I am a member of you can check my #1 Recommendation here.

Second, lets put these products side by side and let you decide. Based on the two sign up forms, which would you prefer? Please feel free to join either program; click on the image you are interested in, either one will take you to that company’s sign in page. Let me know which one is better. Thanks

My Top Tier Business Review Screenshot of MTTB Application Form

My Top Tier Business Application Form

My Top Tier Business Review Screenshot of WA Application Form

Wealthy Affiliate Application Form

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  1. $8,000 for what? These scheme that are popping up everywhere have their nerve. I got sucked into Empower Network 6 months ago and lost close to six thousand bucks on their bogusand stupid me was looking into My Online Business Empire thinking it could be my path. God I feel like an idiot after reading this, it just another empower with different packaging and name.

    Thanks for bringing this scam to my attention you saved me from losing my shirt again Rick. I hope these companies are all brought down. I am going to check out your #1.

    • I was sucked into Empower Network as well. Fortunately I got out after 4 months but I knew I still wanted to create my own online business. Wealthy Affiliate has given me both the training and an online community that has been very helpful. It’s definitely a place to check out.

  2. I believe this is the only way these companies are able to operate. Buy into a program for $8,000, sell this same program to others, make money. The business model is selling My Online Business Empire to others, it is not an education, it is not a platform, it is about “buying in” for the opportunity to promote to others.

    I know this is not the last triangular shaped program to pop up and I think you are going to save a lot of people a lot of money with this review Rick. Be warned before you waste your hard earned money!

    • I gotta be honest and tell you that I had every intention of signing up and paying the $49.00 application fee (they should just call it a membership fee) so I could do an in depth review firsthand. But in doing my research I found they wanted $8,000, I was shocked and that prompted the title of this post. And this was directly from the owner himself and posted for all to see on a big screen. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Needless to say I kept my $49 dollars.

  3. You’ve done an awesome review here and I’m glad you wrote all the information, especially the back end costs which are almost $10,000. I was thinking up signing up, but now I won’t!
    I can a 3 BHK apartment in India with $10,000. 🙂

  4. Daniel Euergetes says:

    I have never heard of this program, but I’m very glad you brought it up. The worst thing about these programs besides getting folks into them and getting burned is the fact that it also places a stigma on the entire industry where both the good and bad are viewed alike based on bad experience.

    I’ve been thoroughly through Empower Network without having joined it. The only thing I have not seen in there are the actual products themselves outside of a list of lessons in the $500 one. In there, I see one of the lessons entitled, “Email Marketing Seduction.” Knowing what it means to be seductive, that alone doesn’t say very much good about EN’s teachings.

    Great review!

    • EN = no products…that’s exactly why I got out. And it’s not like I didn’t ask, I did. And I was continually told to get people to sign up under me and the money would come. And they would get people to sign up and more money would come. Well, somewhere and sometime there has to be a product to use and someone should be using it. The intent was to get people to buy into a program that is pretty much useless.

  5. It’s unfortunate that people fall for these types of opportunities over and over again. I’ve fallen for a few myself but I have always became alarmed when the upsells started popping up. I just never felt comfortable promoting over priced piles of garbage to people knowing how incredibly hard it was going to be for them to do the same. And of course there’s my reputation to think about. I didn’t want to be seen as that guy who was jumping from one thing to the next knowing that people were shaking their heads thinking, “what was he thinking?”

    • Yeah, we all need to give our heads a shake sometimes. What I find is that a lot of people can’t admit they made a mistake and so they keep trying, and paying these scammers more and more money. At some point they have to realize that hitting your head against a brick wall hurts. It took me 4 months before I got out away from the scammers I started out with. So glad I did.

  6. wow, that’s a money sucker for sure! Great read Rick! Keep ’em coming!

    Have a lovely day


    • Thanks for stopping by. I agree, this and many others are obviously money suckers but yet people keep buying into them. What I’ve found is that there aren’t enough reviews being done that provide the other side of the story. Folks need these so they can make informed decisions.

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