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My Recommended Free Affiliate Website For Baby Boomers

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WA with Ranking StarsWhen you explore this website you will see what my recommended free affiliate website is for Baby Boomers.  I have a number of reasons for this and will examine them in this post.

The one thing that I hope to get from you by the end of this article is that you agree with me or, at the very least, offer an alternative affiliate that’s just as good if not better.

Far too often we Baby Boomers are being targeted by those that like to portray themselves as gurus or guides that we should follow…with open wallets.

I want you to keep your wallet closed!


What is an Affiliate Website?

I want to begin with this because it’s important to understand that this post is based on the understanding that you are starting an online business.  And that being said, it is incumbent upon you to find the best affiliate program that you can that:

  • Is ethical
  • Has a product they actually sell (scammers be gone)
  • Provides you with the training and support you need to succeed, whether that’s through:
    • Website training
    • Marketing training
    • Banners and affiliate links

An affiliate program, or affiliate marketing, is a system where you are paid a commission when you bring new members to a program or sell a product by sending your visitors to the “home company”.

  • You are usually given an affiliate link or a banner with your affiliate link embedded so that every time someone purchases via your link you receive a commission. 
  • The main component of this, however, is that you own a website that is in the same niche as the service or product that you are selling.

More on niche websites further down the page.


Partners in Success

Essentially, when you choose an affiliate program, when you win (make money) they, the owner, win as well.  Whether it’s because you’ve helped them increase their membership or because they sold another product, everyone is happy.

Because you are affiliating with a certain company you will need to ensure that you read their Terms of Service and even their Privacy Page.  Don’t go into this partnership blind when they have disclosed and made available this information to you.


Those website that don’t have disclosures…well, just stay away from them.

You don’t need a surprise just when you think you’ve made a big sale when the commission or payout structure was there for the reading.  Remember, you’re in business and that’s exactly how you need to treat your relationship…business partners!


The Customer is Always Right

But even more important than your partnership is your customer, the visitor to your website, who has found what they were looking for.  And this is one of the most important points I want to make.

Without sales there’s no business…no business means no commission!

I always encourage other website owners to write content and join affiliate programs that not only are in your niche but that also puts the customer first.

In creating content for your website always, always, and always write for your reader.  Here’s why: if they don’t like what you’re saying they will continue searching and likely purchase elsewhere.

One of the best tests for this is to check how you search and what are the steps you take before you purchase anything online.  It’s pretty much guaranteed that your visitors will do the same.


If you want to read a great article about the Customer Purchase Life Cycle, read this article.

Phases  of the Customer Life Cycle

Website Niche: Match Your Service/Product

As noted above, your website must match the product or service you are affiliated with.  If visitors are coming to your site expecting to buy gadgets but you’re selling widgets, well, they’ll continue looking for the gadget sites.

Whether you decide to search for a niche you’re passionate about and then look for affiliate programs or you have found the perfect product or service you want to be associated with and then find a matching website, it’s really up to you.

The point is: your website and affiliate program must be a natural fit.


My Recommendation

Do your due diligence and trust your instincts (and research) regardless of the affiliate program you go with.  You want something that you are passionate about and can write about and promote for a long time.

Personally, I’m a fan of Wealthy Affiliate and the program they offer.  Not only is there training and support but there is also the ability to create an extra income.

By the way, it’s making me money to the tune of….well, I’ll just say that my membership is paid for.

If you would like to learn more you can read my review here or I invite you to check the site out free…remember, I said to keep your wallet closed.  You can create your own free account here.


Final Words

I don’t want you buying anything without doing your homework; there are far too many scams out there that are waiting to prey on unsuspecting Baby Boomers.  This includes website development and affiliate programs.

  • Check for reviews, good and bad.
  • Sign up with a few “contenders” and try it free first.
  • Trust what your gut instinct is telling you

Thanks for reading.


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