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Make Retirement Money From Your Blog: But Only After You Do This

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Baby Boomers Learn to Blog Google rankings

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You can make money from your blog but only after you do this one thing…learn before you earn!

Why?  Because as the old saying goes…knowledge is wealth!  Unless you win the lottery or receive a significant inheritance you simply do not get rich overnight.

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No doubt you’ve seen the spammers, scammers, and gamers online who promise riches beyond believe while you sleep and while on auto-pilot.  But ask yourself this: is that even possible, let alone realistic?

Trust Your Gut

What’s your gut instinct telling you?  Why do we ignore that when we hit the search button and are ecstatic when we see all the “gurus” asking for our credit cards and we quickly line their pockets with our “Visa-gold”?

I hope I have your attention because, if you’re like me, you have to learn what the heck you need to do when starting an online business and in the proper order; kind of like dating marriage, buy a house, and then have our kids.  We Baby Boomers typically got that right and then we throw our common sense and practice to the four winds when it comes time to working online!


Keep reading, I have the answers and my personal recommendation below.


Why Go To School?

You Do Not Graduate From College Overnight

Let’s do some simple math:

 12 years of public school

+ 4 years of college

= 16 years of education

Let’s do some more math:

0 education

+ get-rich-quick

= ???


If you are serious about building an online business then you must “invest in your education” first, make money second.

Now that you have seen the math and trust your gut instinct I will assume you realize that you will not go to bed broke tonight and rich tomorrow.  That’s for movies and fairy tales.


Still Want to Make Extra Retirement Money?

Remember that I started off with “learn before you earn”?  So what is it that you want to learn?

  • Owning a website
  • Learning how to blog
  • Understanding and joining in on social networks
  • Knowing how to do keyword research so that your website and posts are found…and read

These are just some of the things that you will need to do in order to be successful online.  With the millions of websites out there today you need to “go back to school” before you can expect to make money online.

Did you catch this?

Did you notice that I did not include “learning how to monetize your website” in the list above?  There are other steps you must take or, if you’re not careful, these things will happen:

  • You sign up to “get-rich-quick” on a website you do not own
  • You actually create a free website, throw up some adds or affiliate links and wait for the money to roll in
  • Finally…you quit!


Why Do People “Trash” Their Websites?

Because you will not get rich overnight!

Whether because of frustration or because you’ve moved on to the next bright and shiny object, you are more likely to trash that website that you swore would make you thousands of dollars a month if it doesn’t produce within a day, a week, or even a month.

Guess what you didn’t do:

…take the time to learn

…go back to school

…join a supportive online community

I think it’s safe to say that you did not start out online to fail.  Most of us start off with good intentions but for some reason will easily sign up when we see a “great opportunity”.  It still happens to me and I’ve been doing this for a while.


My Recommendation

Find an online community that provides you with training and resources that are a good fit for you.  This means that they should be offering free beginner training with the option to upgrade if you choose to.

I want a place that I can go to and get immediate help or a referral to someone who can help.  On the date this blog was posted I had sent in a query to my support desk and had an answer back within 30 minutes…on a Sunday!

I also want a place that is current with any changes the search engines might make and that use the most advanced tools available today; such as webinars, videos, hangouts…you name it.  This tells me that it is important for them to reach out and actively connect with their members.

I have found such a place!

If you are reading this I know that it would be worth your time to check them out as well.  I invite you to read my review and, if you’re still interested, do 3 things:

You got what it takes

Watch a Short Video

  1. Sign up

  2. Choose a user name

  3. Add an image


After that, make sure that you stop in on my profile page and say hi.

If you want to own a website and have an extra income then I would encourage you to act now and get the education that will give you that success.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I think it’s great that you did not focus on how to actually make money with the blog. Lots of people start off just thinking about the money, and it shows in the writing. If you create a website that people want to actually read (which is part of the keyword research process), then making money will come later. I hope your readers take your advice to learn to blog properly before learning how to monetize a blog!

    • I agree, we need to learn first. If our goal is to make money then it takes away from building a quality business that people will come back to. That’s what I was trying to do with this post (my content with intent, something we’re learning in Boot Camp) so I’m glad you picked up on that. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Chip Paulson says:

    Ha those blasted shiny objects! I`m really happy that I found WA and it`s nice to see someone promoting the real deal for a change. How do those shiny object hustlers sleep at night? It`s a tough road but I think of it as another form of education. The best part is you can work towards making money and learn at the same time!

    • I don’t know how they sleep at night; maybe they count shiny objects 🙂 Totally agree that we have to learn as we’re earning, the two go hand in hand. For myself I needed to do more learning first, being so new to internet marketing. Now that I have some of that done I’m beginning to see some earnings, primarily through Wealthy Affiliate. Nice to know this stuff works. Thanks for your comments.

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