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Make Money From Home: An Online Resource For Baby Boomers

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Baby Boomers are looking for different ways to make money from home.  Whether it’s because of current finances or anticipated shortfalls in retirement income, more and more of us are needing to make a few extra dollars.

If this describes you then I would like you to take a few minutes to read this.

Baby Boomers, and even our parents, have been the victim of many scams, whether via online, phone calls, or even door to door cold calls from “the friendliest people”.

If you want to learn the best way to make extra money online then you should read this.

Get Trained Properly

I cannot stress this enough – without proper online training you will become as baffled as I was and search despondently for a “quick fix”.  They’re out there and these scammers will gladly take your money.

My training school of choice is Wealthy Affiliate for the following reasons:

  • The industry standard for learning about and creating websites
  • The training is always current and delivered by professionals and experts
  • Whether you learn via tutorials, videos, or chats they’re all here
  • There are over 500,000 other posts and blogs to help each one of us


Working From Home Is A Business

Some of us like to romanticize and think we would enjoy working from home, not necessarily in our pajamas as some like to boast, but certainly to enjoy working from the comfort of our dining room table or even our own comfy office.

But this could be a deep hole to fall into!

Working from home becomes your job and you must be focused on performing your job well.  If you don’t then we call that a hobby.

You need to create for yourself a home learning environment and atmosphere that is conducive to making money…or, put another way, which allows you to focus on the business at hand.

And to do that you need first to focus on learning about earning revenue online.  You may have heard the term “Learn before you earn”.  Well, I’m here to tell you that this is absolutely true.  And having the right online resource at your fingertips is exactly how you do that.


Are You New To Online Marketing?

If you are new to working online then you really do owe it to yourself to start off right.  The “get-rich” schemes don’t get you rich…just broke.  You may as well go buy a lottery ticket if you believe in that kind of good luck.  For any beginner (sometimes referred to as “newbie”, but that’s a good thing) it will only be through learning, hard work, and perseverance that you will succeed.

For Baby Boomers who might be new to the idea of an online business, having the right training and support will make all the difference.  For example, if I could show you where you can get the following training would it be worth your while?

  • How to get started with a website
  • How to develop your website look and appearance
  • Finding your niche
  • Learning market research
  • Learn the difference between spam and quality content
  • How to find affiliate programs for your niche
  • Learning email and video marketing
  • Even learning local marketing so you can develop websites for local businesses in your hometown

Would learning these skills be worth your time?  What if I said you could sign up FREE!

You will learn how to develop your own niche website and how you can monetize it.  But you must expect to learn first and apply what you learn to be successful.  With 60 lessons broken up into 6 different levels, you truly will become an expert with your website.

Watch my insider’s peek into Wealth Affiliate:



The Best Support Community

Working from home is often difficult, with little support or guidance like we’ve come to expect from our regular jobs.  It’s easy to get frustrated and even discouraged, wondering if you’re even on the right path or doing things correctly.

Well, guess what, at Wealthy Affiliate this support is available 24/7.

There is always someone available and, depending on how quickly you need a response, there are many ways to get support and even comments on your website.

  • Live Chat – there is always someone online because this is a global community, all working towards the same goal.
  • Private Message – we have the ability to contact each other directly for help and support.  This works great as you develop relationships with one another.
  • Blogs – we have the ability to write blogs about our successes and accomplishments; or even motivational pieces that help us all move forward.
  • Classrooms – we have the ability to post specific website, writing, or even monetizing queries and advice.  Responses to these are fairly immediate and allow others to benefit as well.

This type of communication is powerful for those times you need help or when you just want to get online “and chat”.   Here’s a post I have about the benefits of having this type of online support group, “Online Discussions are Critical for Our Success“.

And even more incredible, everyone there wants to see you succeed!  How cool is that.


Have I Missed Anything?

You can make money from home (I’m living proof) and you can turn that into a full or part-time income.  I’m not at the full-time yet but I am working my way towards that; but only because of this training and the community.

I know that I have missed some points but really, once you come and visit you will see for yourself that it is everything that I have mentioned above…and more!  You truly will not need any other online resource once you see everything inside and get to know some of the online movers and shakers.

This is a “spam-free-no-sales-pitch” type of community…it’s all about learning and doing!  Spammers beware!

If you would like to read more about Wealthy Affiliate then I invite you to read my review.  All you need to do is to:

  • Create a free account
  • Create your profile
  • Add a picture
  • Claim your two free websites

And then the learning begins…properly…and for the long-term!

Please leave me comments below if you have any questions, I will get back to you within 24 hours.  I know you will find this is the place to be if you want to create some extra income.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I love the video and all the information you give. This is one my favorite articles you have written. Great job rick. If you haven’t signed up for WA yet you should. Hours of training available to FREE and Premium memberships that help you take part in earning money from this billion dollar industry.

    • Thanks Ryan, I appreciate your comment. I was one of those searching for a legitimate work from home job when I found a review of Wealthy Affiliate. For me, it’s become the standard in online training and support. There’s such a great social community spirit and camaraderie that is also backed by outstanding training and experts…you really can’t lose. If anyone is interested in creating a free website so they can learn this as well then I invite you to join.

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