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Magic Submitter Review: It’s All Smoke And Mirrors

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Magic Submitter ProductProduct: Magic Submitter
Website: www.magicsubmitter.com
Owner: Alex Krulik
Cost: Not $299/month, Not $199/month, Not $97/month but only $4.95/month
NOTE: There are “hidden expenses”

Score: 0 Out of 10. Read Why!


Magic Submitter is intended to spin and submit articles for you to hundreds of sites and then provides backlinks automatically.

Intent of the Product

The product claims that it can get you to the top of the search engines, gets you relevant traffic, and gives you more customers (which, of course, is the purpose of online marketing). Finally, it states that you can do this all on autopilot (read below).


Besides the initial program, Magic Submitter offers interactive forums, a support desk, free live training, and free “video vault” training that includes video optimization, press release training, and training on using the actual software (which I found difficult to navigate as a new person to online marketing at the time).


I will give Mr. Krulik credit where credit is due. When I questioned the validity of the fake addresses and the system he responded to me personally. That was surprising but, then again, I got in early so I can’t speak to how many clients he actually had.


Magic Submitter claims that everything is done on autopilot which might be attractive for anyone who thinks that’s how money is made online.


Notice how their “Pros” are my “Cons”?

Magic Submitter Overview









  •  Spinning articles is NOT RECOMMENDED. The search engines recognize this for what it is and it will actually affect your rankings…and NOT UP! As an example, Google will actually slap your site for using these “black hat SEO techniques”. They are not fans of automatically-generated content, especially when it makes no sense to the reader.
  • When Magic Submitter submits your articles it creates fake emails and addresses so the search engines supposedly cannot tell that you are spinning. This is just bad practice and is the main reason I got out. When I looked at some of the addresses it created I apparently was living all over the United States and probably the world. Folks, I live in Alberta, Canada. I haven’t even been to those towns let alone owned that many houses…follow your values, even online.
  • Getting to the top of Google, getting qualified traffic, and more customers cannot be done on autopilot. This is your online business you are building and you need to pay attention and personally build it yourself. A storefront business would need to build their store in the middle of the highway in order to get traffic like this. Does either way make sense to you? Me neither.

    Magic Submitter Gets A Thumbs Down

    Magic Submitter Gets A Thumbs Down

  • Spun articles usually show themselves for what they are. The language and phraseology are usually wrong, the sentence structure is difficult to read, and the punctuation. makes it. difficult. to read…much like I just wrote.
  • Magic Submitter claims that it can “level the playing field”. When’s the last time you saw Google on the same playing field with anyone else. They control at least 60% of search engine results; do you think Alex’s program is going to level that?

The “hidden expenses” include:

  • setup indexing
  • Magic Article Rewriter (I did not purchase because I was beginning to have doubts about the program itself at this point)

My Recommendation

If you want to “dominate your market” like Magic Submitter professes then you need to get the right training, the right website, and learn how to properly build your business. You do this by:

  • Writing information that people are looking for (these can then become repeat customers known as real people…not some internet bot created by a program).
  • Having a support network in place that is willing to help you succeed. Real people helping real people…YOU!

Read more about my #1 Recommendation. You are invited to join free (and free means free) or you can upgrade to Premium AND there are no further upsells…I’ve been a member for over a year and I can confirm this.

Have you checked out Magic Submitter? Do you have any experiences you want to share here? Please leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I used to use the magic spinner and submitter as well. While it produced some results a few years ago, those results are now worthless. I would touch this product with a ten foot pole nowadays. My website is too precious!

    • I agree and even think a 10 foot pole is too close. I couldn’t get away from this one fast enough and I gave it an honest try. But I never did click the button that would give me hundreds of fake emails and addresses. It just wasn’t right. My biggest fear, and that I asked Alex about, was “What if I get caught?” He said to just use my own address then. ???

  2. Thanks for this post Rick. When I initially started blogging I too used them. But my post or articles would always lack my own personality. My own writing is not that great but it would always sound better than a spun article.

    What’s crazy is that there are hundreds of article spinning programs all claiming to make your online life easier. But when I research deeper I basically get the same results you got with “Magic Submitter”.

    • That’s an excellent point, Paul. Spun articles do not have personality and lack the insight into what your visitors are actually looking for. If we insist on not using article spinning then our visitors will know that we’re not talking to them and they will never come back.

  3. Old Codger says:

    A good expose, Rick. How can you ever know how many thousand (?) times an article has been spun and re-spun and therefore the validity of its information? You wouldn’t want to stake your life on one relating to heart health, for example, and if you have no medical or cardiology experience, how could you trust some program to shuffle vital information about? You’d need some strong disclaimers that the information is for “entertainment” ?? purposes only – but who reads all the fine print? Apart from that, you run the risk of destroying your credibility and reputation both online and out in the real world. These people are soiling their own nest.
    🙂 george

    • Totally agree with you. The search engines, especially Google, likes fresh and relevant content so they know visitors are receiving CURRENT information. Many make decisions based on what they read on our websites and the onus is on us to ensure we are delivering accurate and timely information.

  4. Thank you for this information. Being new to internet marketing I have never seen this type of product. So glad to know NOT to get involved with them.

    Thank you

    • There are so many of these “opportunities” out there today. We have to be very careful with everything that pops up when we’re working online. Glad you found some value here. I didn’t stay long with this company and was quite shocked by the things they so willingly spin.

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