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Is Bring The Fresh Worth It? – It Will Cost You $197 To Find Out

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Welcome To Bring The FreshIs Bring The Fresh worth it now that it will cost you $197.00 to join? That’s a hefty sum for anybody to pay, especially those who may be just starting out with online marketing. The original price of $7.00 was more palatable although there were numerous upsells once they got you “in the door”.

Company: Bring The Fresh
Website: bringthefresh.com
Owner: Kelly Felix
Price: $197.00 (with promises of no other upsells)
Rating: 5 Out of 10

What Will This Product Do For You?

What Can You Do With Bring The FreshBring The Fresh (BTF) is an online training website focused on helping those with little to moderate internet marketing. The focus is on building one or more niche websites and you will be invited to “watch over the owner’s shoulder” as he creates a website. You will then be asked to follow the same process to create your own site.

BTF claims that you will learn about the proper way to attain a 6 figure income by learning proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which will get your website to page one of Google. The owner refers to this as the “Secret Sauce”.

Here is a screenshot from the promo video that tells you what BTF is all about. (See the little picture of Kelly Felix in the lower right corner?)

Training Provided

Bring The Fresh has updated their training and, should you buy in, you have access to:

  • Videos – which include their “Fast Start Videos” which promises to show you how you will have your first website up and making money “by tomorrow”.
  • The BTF “Fast Start Guide” – for anyone who prefers to work from hard-copy training then this PDF guide would be for you.
  • The videos have been redone to show you how to “dominate SEO”.
  • Private Members Forum – an online live forum where you can get or give help and view other member’s websites.
  • Contact Information – in an effort at being transparent, Kelly offers all of his contact information, including his personal cell phone number (the same one his kids use apparently) as well as his Skype and email.
  • List of Outsourcers – for those who don’t want to put in the effort of creating their own websites this is a list of resources that would do it for you (likely for an added price).
  • The videos also include coaching tips and interviews with expert online marketers.
  • BTF offers other “services” or tools that include article spinners, link builders, and traffic generator software. PLEASE NOTE: these are not considered proper SEO techniques and using them may harm your site’s rankings.


Bring The Fresh is set up to allow you to submit Support Tickets. Plus, with access to Kelly via his contact information noted above, and the online forum, you should be able to get all of your questions answered.

Online reviews of BTF have mixed reviews as to the effectiveness and timeliness of the Support Desk; you may be better off submitting your question within the member’s forum..


  • The goal of BTF is to make it easy for anyone just starting out in online marketing to be successful. Therefore the majority of training is targeted at helping “newbies” get their website set up and monetized.
  • The promo video states that you will not need email lists, your own products, paid traffic, and you don’t need any experience or techie skills.
  • 60 Day Money-back guarantee making it “risk free”. Interesting side-note: the product is actually purchased via ClickBank which is a privately held marketplace that sells digital information products. In fact, in Kelly’s own words from a website he commented on he says:

Bringthefresh.com - Clickbank Refunds with Border


  • Unfortunately, the promo video relied too much on how much money you were going to make and not how you were going to make that money.
  • BTF promotes backlinking, and lots of it, to help get your website ranked. If you don’t know, this is no longer a recommended practice since Google’s Panda and Penguin updates last year. The Google bots will recognize this as “Black Hat SEO” (not good) and your site may very well be deranked if not de-indexed altogether.
  • BTF also teaches how to get your website indexed. Again, this is not something that you have to pay for as you just need to go to Google Webmaster Tools, create your account, and submit your website. Google has training to show you how to do that.
  • BTF teaches how to do affiliate marketing and receive commissions off of sales that you refer. You do not need to pay their fee to do this. As an example, one of my sites is on the free Blogspot platform from Google and I affiliate with Amazon products in my niche. Both of these programs are free!
  • There is not a free trial period that provides an introduction to the program and that could actually be used to persuade a “tire kicker” from going all in. If the program is as good as it claims then there shouldn’t be anything to hide.
  • Anytime a program states that “you will make a lot of money” and/or “all on autopilot” you should reconsider. Imagine if companies like Apple or Netflix ran on autopilot. How long do you think they would last?

VERDICT: Borderline Scam! Why? There is nothing “fresh” about this program. Bring The Fresh has simply bundled what is already available into a program that someone (the owner and affiliates?) is making money from.

My Recommendation To Getting Started Online

If you are serious about getting started online then I would advise that you find training that provides you with information up front and even allows you to trial it free. There are many of these companies available and you certainly do not need to spend $197.00 to purchase Bring The Fresh.

Reputable training sites will also offer you training to learn about SEO, creating your website, and even how to rank on page one of Google…again, for free.  I’ve been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for 18 months now because they have taught me how to create a website and get it ranking in the search engines organically.

How does my recommendation compare to Bring The Fresh?

  • Become a free member forever
  • Get two free websites forever
  • Free Level 1 Certification Training (10 lessons)
  • Free Phase 1 Boot Camp Training (10 lessons)
  • 24/7 Access to the Live Chat members area for your first 7 days as a free member
  • 100’s of extra training and videos
  • Option to upgrade to Premium ($47/month) is really an option. You don’t need to upgrade ever or you can wait until you begin making money as a free member.
  • Proper SEO training by industry experts to survive any “wild animal” updates from Google.
  • Monetizing your website using free affiliate programs.
  • Bring The Fresh boasts of a community of 20,000 members. Compare that to Wealthy Affiliate’s of over 200,000 members and ask yourself why you’re not one of them.

Ready to get started working online for FREE? Click here, create your free account, and check it out now.

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  1. Excellent review Rick. I love it when some does research and exposes the truth. Keep your review coming.

    • Thanks, Paul, I appreciate your comment. I’m hopeful that as people become more and more aware of the scams that they will do their research and look for the good and bad of every opportunity, and don’t rest until they find them. We need to enter this with a business mindset, perform our due diligence, and then make a business decision as to which company we select to affiliate with. After all, it’s our own reputation that’s on the line.

  2. Hi Rick – thanks for sharing.

    Looks like a very dodgy product, promoting backlinks etc – and I hate the word “autopilot” – it’s no wonder people who don’t know better, or don’t find reviews like yours, fall for poor products like this.

    All the best, Mark

    • Backlinks and autopilot are definitely warning flags for people who are looking to work online and are scouting out what they can do. And yet Bring The Fresh advocates for doing good SEO. Well, those are’t it. For someone relatively new to working online I like the training center I’m a member of. Thanks for your comments.

  3. I got in when it was cheap and I still overpaid! They have a lot of training video’s but to follow along with the training, you have to buy a half dozen other tools. I thought that was pretty shady.
    And the forum is not very helpful either. What you are recommending on this site is definitely the way to go.

    • I agree, I wanted to try it out but 197 bucks was too much. Thanks for your feedback on the value, or lack of, that this program provides. It always surprises me how quickly we’re willing to jump at “opportunities”.

  4. A well written review Rick! I’ve never heard of this program, but it sure sounds like so many others out there that only want your money, and don’t offer very much in return. And like you say, when they stress on the amount you can make in a very short time without telling you what you have to do, the alarm bells should start ringing loud and clear!

    • I agree, they should give us enough information to make an informed decision. A free trial period would be preferable. If they are a reputable company then they should have nothing to hide. Thanks for your thoughts.

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