Learn How To Create A Successful Online Business

How To Work From Home From Your Couch

There are tons and tons of online opportunities that promise you riches untold…how do you decide? Step One: why not learn how to work from home from the comfort of your couch. Might as well be relaxed.

Step Two: put your sunglasses and blinders on because you are going to be blinded and harangued by every Tom, Dick…and “Scam”.

Step Three: Take a breath. Grab a coffee or tea and check out how you can start free:


Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Teaches The “How”

This online training center is not a get-rich-quick company. If you’re serious about your dreams of working from home then don’t skip any steps…especially your education!

Make a commitment to yourself and a long-term plan for your online business. Those are two principles that drive most of what goes on inside Wealthy Affiliate.

What’s In The Free Training

In order to have a successful online business you need to be given the foundation to succeed. Here are the 10 FREE lessons you will find inside:

Lesson One – “Getting Rolling”. This is your introduction to WA; specifically showing you how you can target the 2 billion people using the internet. Think there isn’t room for you to find your own profitable niche?

Lesson Two – “Understanding How To Make Money Online”. With that many internet users there are literally thousands of niches available, all of which you can take advantage of and learn how to get page 1 rankings so those viewers find you.

Lesson Three – “Choose A Niche”. This is simply a group of people wanting to learn or buy something online. They are your potential visitors and you should know something about them or be passionate about what they are searching for if you want to be successful. WA’s video will show you how.

Lesson Four – “Building Your Own Website”. Still on your couch? Great! This lesson will show you how to create your website with one click of the mouse…and your website is built for you while you have a sip of your coffee.

Lesson Five – “Setting Up Your Website”. This lesson will show you how to get your website set up and “search engine hot”. A quick tip: genuine articles are what the search engines are looking for; not hype and glitz that we see so much of. This is you…writing for your readers. That is what will get you to page one, by helping them. Think you can do this for people?

Lesson Six – “Getting Your Site Ready For SEO”. Don’t leave your couch in alarm!…SEO is a good thing and is one of the training pillars at WA. It simply means Search Engine Optimization. You need to learn this because proper SEO will get you website rankings which will get you the targeted traffic you need…which leads to REVENUE!

Lesson 7 – “Finding Content Ideas From Keywords”. What if you could find the phrases that people were typing into Google? What if your phrase (keyword) was on page 1? Do you think that you would get clicks? Absolutely! And WA has a free keyword tool to help you find those phrases. Sidenote: you will learn about the power of “low hanging fruit”…you want to learn this.

Lesson 8 – “Understanding Website Pages & Creating Your First 3”. You will not be left wondering how to best set your website up. The training here will show you how to build out your site framework; specifically, your pages and menus.

Lesson 9 – “Creating Quality Website Content”. If you haven’t heard it before then another phrase that you will become familiar with is “Content Is King”. You will be creating your articles for real people and not for search engines. Real people are looking for answers or solutions to their problems or what others think about the “blue widget” they’re thinking of buying. Give them the information and they will give you their trust…and likely their hard-earned money.

Lesson 10 – “Congratulations and Your Next Steps”. These 10 free lessons will definitely get you started…from your couch. Following these lessons you will need to continue to add content to your website so the search engines can see that you’re fresh and relevant. Websites never end, you should always have something more to add.

NOTE: There is a voluntary option to upgrade to Premium ($47/month) but it is not required and is the only upgrade WA promotes. You will get an additional 3 certification courses and hundreds of other articles and community support.

Upgrading is up to you…it will only cost a cup of coffee for most people.

Stay on your couch…take a sip of coffee…and CLICK HERE to get started today.


  1. I would like this job

    • It would be a great job, wouldn’t it? If you need help starting out you can click here. Give me a shout if you need any help. The training is top notch and the support from the community is outstanding.

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