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How To Set Up A Google Alert: Tips For Baby Boomers

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Did you know that there is a simple way to make sure you keep up on all the newest and greatest information about your niche?  This one comes straight from Google and in this post I wanted to share a few tips about how you can set up your own Google Alerts.  Oh, this is a free service any of us can use.

But first of all, what is a Google Alert?  Believe me, it’s a good thing; it’s not something that you get in your inbox saying that you’ve run afoul of this search engine giant.  An Alert, in this case, actually brings good news and…even better…it’s news that you have requested!

This isn’t a David and Goliath story but, rather, a Goliath that helps David…and it’s a true story.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find information for your website or, even, to know what next to write about.  Through their alerts, Google will notify you of new posts and the latest news according to what they view as relevant.

So let’s get into it…

Step One: You Will Need A Gmail Account

So much of what Google offers is based on having a gmail account with them.  Whether it’s for email (obviously), Alerts, Drive, and now even YouTube, you should have a gmail account even if it’s not your primary email.

Once you have your gmail then Google will deliver daily alerts straight to your inbox if that is what you have designated.

Step Two: Set Your Search Query

This is what you will see when you go to the Alerts Home Page:

How to set up a Google Alert: Tips for Baby Boomers

All you will need to do is complete the boxes:

  • You enter your query into the box; i.e. “widget news”

  • Next, decide on the “result type”.  You will have the option to select from a drop down list so that you get the info you want delivered daily.  I keep mine on “everything” because I do blogs and videos on this site and like to also keep up with the latest news.  This way I will have all the new articles about widgets.

  • You will then have to decide how often you want to receive an alert: if it’s once a day, or once a week or even as it occurs.  The frequency will be up to you.  I find that once a day is sufficient and always skip the titles to see what is going on in my niche.

  • Then, how many do you want?  Do you want all of them or only the best?

  • Finally, you will need to decide which email you want them delivered to.  This is where a gmail account would be really useful and is the one that I recommend (and use).

Step Three: Create Your Alert

Remember to click the red box to now create your alert and start getting all the top posts about widgets.  I just created a new one for “Wordpress Tutorials” so I can read what is new and what folks are asking about.  I should receive my first alert within 24 hours.  I then will have some great ideas of what is going on in the world of WordPress and what can be the focus of another post.

You will now be notified via email when you get an updated alert.  These should be scanned daily because you will get invaluable information, not only for your own learning but also for you to share with others.  It’s also a great way to join other communities within your niche (I joined one about blogging on the day that I wrote this post).  This will help you become known and allow you to contribute within your niche-community.

What Do You Want To Be Alerted To?

It’s always interesting to know what we each have as our alerts because it says something about who we are and who our communities are.

You can use specific keywords for your alerts.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be about your niche or your website but these are primarily what I use this tool for.  I want to receive ideas for Baby Boomers and also the latest news.  One effective way to use the news is to provide a commentary on the latest headline or celebrity woe.

This is a great free tool and one that you shouldn’t be ignoring.  It will help you come up with writing ideas every day and can also be used to keep up on the newest products, technology, and even changes to search engine algorithms.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to get something “hot off the press”, then use Google Alerts to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest.

This has been such a great tool for me and I have been using the alerts as keywords.  If you would like to check out why I wanted to use this then I invite you to check out my online school, which is where I learned this great info.  You can read my review here.

Thanks for reading.


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