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Group Discussion Topics For Online Baby Boomers – What’s Your Question?

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Group discussion topics for Baby Boomers who are working online is one of the most critical elements in building a successful website.  These topics typically run the gamut of everything to do with being or working online; whether you’re looking for technical help with your site, or you need to learn about creating an email list, or even if you want to celebrate online successes.

For instance, here is a screenshot of one of my early surprises after I learned to set up Google Alerts:


My Number two spot in Google Alerts


As you can see, I ranked very well on one of my posts and wanted to share it; no only because it was a “victory” for me but also because I wanted to show my fellow online members that if we do what we are told and follow our training we will succeed online!

What Do You Need To Discuss?

The number one reason any of us go to a discussion group, a chat room, or a forum is because we need help or have a burning question that must be answered now!

If you’re in the middle of a post and the image you want to use won’t load, or if you need to go back and add your meta titles and descriptions (like I did) you’re looking for help now so that you can move on to the next piece of business.  Having a reliable online community where you can post your question (sometimes known as “a scream of frustration”) means that you get the answer you need immediately.

When you look at the screenshot above referencing my Google Alert, you need to know that within 30 minutes a couple of my “online buddies” commented on my success.  The number “16” shows the number of reviews.  Here’s what they said:

  • “Congratulations! That is so cool.”
  • “Gratz dude”

And here’s one that really made it worthwhile:

  • “keep up the good work (it) helps me have something to work toward”

That’s what an online discussion is about because the people you hang out with are doing the same thing as you and will help you achieve your success…just like you will help them.


Who Should You Talk To?

We all know how wonderful social media is and will often spend many enjoyable hours talking, sharing, liking…well, you get it.

But some of our time spent on social media is a waste…an excuse…low priority stuff.

If you are building an online business you must be focused on that, especially if this is a part-time job that is intended to only bring in extra spending money.  You don’t have the time to waste.

You must develop a schedule and keep with it!  This includes:

  • A regular job if you are still working
  • Your family and friends
  • Your after work and weekend hobbies and activities

And your online business!

You can create personal and business pages on whichever social network is your favorite because you must separate the two.  And then you need to divide your time appropriately so that you are interacting and engaging with both.

Focus on Your Online Business

photo credit: SEOPlanter via photopin cc

Whichever discussion group or chat room you participate in online would fall into the second category.  This is a business tool that you must learn to use to your advantage.  It is very easy to get distracted here as well and get talking about the weather or this summer’s blockbuster movie, or whatever.

But remember, you are there to ask and even answer a question or even get a discussion started on something you are doing on, or with, your website.  Don’t social-loiter too long or you will forget why you came there in the first place.

You will also want to ensure that your community has both beginners and experts because we can all learn from one another.  A “newbie” going through the throes of creating their first website will need a lot of support and, even if you are one yourself, will look to this group to provide some direction and answers.

And many others are probably watching and reading because they have the same question as well but were too afraid to ask!


My Recommended “Talk Show”

Like many of you, I have my online community that I look to for help and support…which also goes both ways.  As someone still relatively new to online marketing I am, however, learning and oftentimes find that I can provide the answer to the question being asked; or I at least know where to go and get the answer.

I typically do this by performing a quick search within our training pages and then post the link in the chat or discussion room.  You don’t always have to have the answer but maybe you know where to go and get it.  The “thank you” received tells you why you helped.

There are a number of resources that you should be looking for in the discussions you participate in:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – maybe someone has asked the question you have
  • Training or classroom pages – if you’ve signed up with a quality community then there will be a ton of information available, whether you’re a free or paying member
  • Ask someone directly – many times we “connect” with certain people in our communities and you may be able to send them a direct message or even an email saying, “I need help…again”.  And I’ll bet you anything that they are quite willing to do just that.
  • Support tickets – something to keep in mind in case you cannot find the help you need or there is something wrong within the framework of your site (especially if this is also your web hosting service)


I use the phrase “Talk Show” a little tongue-in-cheek, of course.  This is not a place that we talk about your life and examine all the skeletons in your closet or tear you down because it’s “juicy gossip”!

Rather, it’s a talk show because it is public and anyone could be reading and following along.  And oftentimes those helping us do so by asking us questions of what we’ve done, what we’re trying to do, or even, “why do you want to do that?”

At times these discussion or chat rooms can almost seem like we’re being cross-examined or the details of our lives are open to all…just like a talk show.  But this should not be an attack or include any derogatory comments.  If they do…leave!  This is not a place that truly wants to build you up and see you succeed.

I want the ability to select by topic when I post my discussion query or success  because then that will help not only myself but others.  For instance, would something like this be useful to you:


WA Classroom to Post Discussions


This is from the Wealthy Affiliate Classroom section where we have the ability to create or join in on discussions that are important to all of us.  Can you guess which one I posted my discussion in?  It was in “Authoring and Writing Content”.

This kind of organization helps me:

  • Find or provide the answer on my own
  • Realize the extent of information available (I will have another question later I’m sure)
  • Show me that I made the right choice in signing up with this group


If you would like to read more about the online community that I am a member of as well as understand the classrooms I have available to me, I invite you to read my review here.

Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible online community that provides the training and support…and discussions…that I had been looking for.


Thanks for reading.



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