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Google Sniper Review: Scores 2 Out Of 10

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Google Sniper Review Product: Google Sniper 2.0

Website: http://gsniper2.com/

Owner: George Brown


Score:  2 Out of 10.  Read Why!



Create “sniper sites” that rank high in the search engines by using low competition and profitable keywords that will make you money.

These keywords are used as Exact Match Domains (EMD’s) which then become the authority for that keyword or niche

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Intent of Product

Google Sniper 2.0 is intended to help new website owners get their sites ranked very quickly in the search engines.  According to members, the system allows you to make multiple targeted sites that will make you money.

You will need to set up your domain and hosting, put it on a WordPress site and write an article (approximately 550 words) and include your affiliate links throughout.

After you set up one website you just “rinse and repeat” for the next one, the one after that, and so on.

This system claims to be automated and foolproof.   They claim that you will get help finding the right keyword and/or niche to “go after”.



$47.00 per month (see below)



  • Multiple videos by the owner (over 20-30)
  • A manual that includes:
    • Getting Started (shows you how to navigate through the member’s area)
    • Google Sniper 2.0 (the actual course which comes in two PDF’s and the videos)
    • Further Training (additional videos to help you accelerate your techniques)
    • Empire Model (updated blueprints with additional videos and you are taught to outsource everything to make more money)
    • Rolodex (includes the resources needed for “Google sniping”)
    • Sniper X (Q&A videos with George Brown)
    • Support (access to the support desk)



Unknown for the reasons noted below.



  • Appears to be targeted at all levels of website owners, from beginner to experienced.
  • There is the proper emphasis on keywords and niches which are two critical components when developing and building out a website.


  • The $47.00 per month is referred to as a “donation” in George’s video.  Umm…?

Google Sniper Donation


  • “Google” is a brand name that is registered by that company.  Using such names in the title of your own company and url is typically not recommended without permission.  My guess, George does not have such permission.
  • “Splashing” an article with affiliate links could be seen by the search engines, primarily Google, as spamming and you will not get ranked well for this.
  • I’m cautious with any product that appears to lean towards “keyword stuffing”; meaning that you use your keyword too often.  It only needs to be in the title and the first paragraph, anything more than that and you run the risk of being viewed as spam.  This was a technique used years ago but is no longer accepted today.
  • Concern as to whether or not it will pass the latest Google update to their algorithms (Here’s an article so you can read more about Google’s Penguin update).
  • Anytime I hear comments (which I read from one of their members) about skipping necessary Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training I get worried.  There is no end run around the algorithms used; Google is concerned that the visitor has a rewarding experience online…not the website owners.  You need to learn proper SEO or you will not get ranked…period!  Read my article here.
  • Apparent promises are made with little work – this should always be concerning when checking a business opportunity.  While easy and “earn-money-while-you-sleep” are nice, they are not realistic when it comes to creating a solid business.

For example, the owner says that we should all have our piece of the $196 billion dollar pie

Google Sniper Tapping Into the Pie


I’m not sure where he came up with this number and certainly receiving even a small piece of that pie would be enormous…well, call me a naysayer but you won’t get a bite of that from this program.

Another issue I had…and this was a BIG ONE…was the constant pressure to buy in when you were trying to leave George’s promotional video.  I kid you not; it was a minimum of 2 clicks up to 6 clicks just to exit out of the site.  Here’s what I got:


First Pop up

Google Sniper First Pop Up


Second Pop Up

Google Sniper Second Pop Up


Third Pop Up

Google Sniper Third Pop Up


Fourth Pop Up

Google Sniper Fourth Pop Up


Fifth Pop Up

Google Sniper Fifth Pop Up


Sixth Pop Up

Google Sniper Sixth Pop Up


 6 Pop Ups = a frustrated consumer!!!


Other concerns (these are comments taken straight from George Brown’s video):

  • Found a series of loopholes to exploit – I always get concerned when I hear about exploiting loopholes (he even states that he has two full time staff dedicated to this)
  • Make money free – ask yourself…does this seem realistic?  Can we say “spam”?
  • No ongoing work – never believe this, it’s simply not true for any business; ask other business owners, both online and in their walk-in store or business.
  • Set up campaign once and let it earn you money – I’m sure you know that your business needs to be nurtured and grown…or else it dies.
  • Put sniper campaign live on internet – what visions do you have when you picture a sniper?  Is that something you want to be associated with?
  • No product = no sales…
  • Don’t sell anything = don’t make any money…
  • Don’t need social media – and I’m sure they don’t need or want these sniper campaigns showing up in their accounts.
  • No paid advertising – well, that’s a relief.


My Recommendation

I refused to pay even a dollar to check this “opportunity” out further because of the frustration of trying to navigate away.  And all I was doing was researching this and knew there were other reviews I wanted to read.

Google Sniper lost a potential member because of their pop up and “donation” tactics!

Paying a “donation” to keep the program running is ludicrous!  Call it what it is…a monthly payment should you choose to buy into the business.  George is not running a charity but a business himself and I found that by referring to this as a donation he is being misleading and showing that he wants your money…however he can get it!

I also found very little information was provided that would allow me to make an informed decision.  As a potential business owner I need information so I can make the decision that is best for me.  I don’t mind hype but give me substance as well.

I completely agree that keywords are critical to the success of your site but the emphasis with Google Sniper seems to be finding an infinite number of them and post them with the sole intention of making money without giving the visitor any prolonged and valuable user experience and information.


Score 2 out of 10

















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Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hey Rick,

    If I’m not mistaken, I believe Sniper in itself is a one time fee of $47, not monthly.(Although I’m sure there’s upsells and whatnot after you sign up!) But I agree with you, obnoxious pop ups and over-hyped, low quality product!

    • Hi Wendy. No I double-checked. And actually for me in Canada, it’s $51.58 for “the first month of services” with “FUTURE PAYMENTS: 51.58 CAD”. It turns out George does indeed want me to make a monthly “DONATION”. Can you believe he would call it that? I’ve never heard of such a thing from any online scammer before.

      • Oh, huh that’s weird, well he’s sure good at being deceptive because I double checked too and I could have sworn it was a one time thing! Yeah the donation bit annoyed me too, he sure has some nerve to call it that. You can definitely spot the classic “sniper” site from a mile away and they’re pretty useless.

        Anyway love your site! Looks great and you sure have written a lot! Keep up the good work! 🙂

        • Thanks. Just changed the theme, hope everyone likes it. The goal is that the site becomes easier to navigate as I continue to add more content. All the best to you and thanks for stopping by. Don’t get “sniped”.

  2. Old Codger says:

    Another excellent exposure of one of the many traps for the unwary and inexperienced. You are providing a very valuable service by doing this. 🙂 G!

    • Thanks for reading and I appreciate your comment. There are so many scams out there and the folks here at Wealthy Affiliate are committed to reviewing and exposing each and everyone of them. All the best to you and stay safe.

  3. I really like the way you lined out all those popups! When you lay it out as you have done here, it makes a real bad impression of the marketer and the product. PLEASE BUY MY STUFF!!

    I did a review of this the other day and once you get inside, it’s even worse. There is an offer for his other product Predator, which is $900, and I was reading that the software doesn’t even work.

    This is definitely a fly-by-night product. I’ve seen it promoted for years, and people are still looking for it, but it’s a real loser.

    • Thanks for your comments and I agree, this is not something to be associated with and will tank any rankings you might possibly get before you even get out of the gate. I doubt that Google will appreciate having their name associated with something like this and I’m sure will do a little “sniping” of their own.

  4. As a past member of Google Sniper, I can tell you that this guy George Brown is a complete scammer. Not only did he throw me into a continuity program that I didn’t ask to be part of, he tried to upsell me on almost a product a day.

    Your rating of 2 might even be a little high. I would give 0.

    Guys like this should be banned from doing business on the Internet and after being involved in a few programs online, I am getting to the point of giving up Rick.

    I am going to try the Wealthy Affiliate program that you mention hopefully that will work out for me. Wish me good luck.

    PSS. To anyone that is considering investing in this program, stayyyyyyy awayyyyy.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I wondered about the “2” rating as well. After reading your comment maybe I was generous. Wish there was a way to ban these types but fortunately Google has our backs on these and is de-listing them.

      I think you will find Wealthy Affiliate a better place; you can start free and only go to Premium if you wish. You’ll get your 2 websites and training and support. It’s worth checking out. All the best to you.

  5. A while back all I heard were good things about Google Sniper. Looks like I was lucky to not actually buy into it. I really liked how thorough you were. LOL “donation” That`s a good one!

    • Yeah, I couldn’t believe the payment plan was called a monthly “donation”, too. Just goes to show you how desperate these scammers are to get you to buy. Thanks for reading.

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