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Free Training Shows You How To Start A Website Business

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Online Training. Business Educational Concept.Have you ever wondered if you could start your own business…and succeed! Have you considered taking your motivation online and wanted to know how to start a website business?

There are many great resources online: from free to paid, or even a combination of the two (ideal). But how do you know which one is right for you? Simple: search for online training companies that lets you start for free.

Tip: if they don’t offer free training…move on…there’s plenty more websites that do.

What Should You Look For From Online Training?

Whether you’re a beginner or expert and you’re looking for training on starting and building out your own website then you deserve to have the chance to check it out free, whether that’s for a trial period or indefinitely.

Too many training websites want money first and then will “open their vaults of secrets”. You don’t need that; there’s just too much information available online nowadays to have to pay first. There are no secrets. You are going to succeed through your own hard work and perseverance.

What you want is some time to be allowed to check out the training yourself, involving yourself with their community (if they have one), even creating your own site. One thing you shouldn’t be doing is buying into the hype that “we will build it for you”. Who’s site is it then?

Don’t Look For The Money First

Don’t put the cart before the horse. Don’t go looking for a golden egg when you don’t even have the nest built yet. Scammers are screaming from the rooftops to “sign up here”, “make money on autopilot”, or “how I made a thousand dollars a minute”…OK, that last one was a little exaggerated but you get the picture.

  • A successful business, whether online or storefront, must start with a foundation.
  • And that foundation starts with knowledge.
  • And that knowledge comes from learning

With the right training and the right support community you can make this work. Just make sure that you walk before you run, especially anyone new to online marketing.

Let Me Whet Your Whistle

If you agree that training comes first then I invite you to check out this video:

How You Can Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate

How You Can Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate


Here are the highlights of free membership:

  • The Starter Membership is free indefinitely.
  • The Certification Training is 10 lessons and will show you how to find your niche, create your website, and how to ensure that your website is found by those finicky search engines (an Internet Marketers dream).
  • If you’re not sure which niche you want to work in there is also the Boot Camp Training which includes another 10 free lessons on promoting this company and earn affiliate commissions.
  • Did you notice that we’re up to 20 lessons…FREE! Oh wait, there’s more…
  • Even as a free member there are still other lessons and discussions that you can participate in. Here’s an example:
Getting Started Classroom to Start a Website Business

Getting Started Classroom at Wealthy Affiliate

  • Community support is critical when you’re working online from home. Having a Live Chat and the opportunity to interact with other members allows you to bounce ideas around and have your website reviewed.

NOTE: this feature is available for the first 7 days for free members.

  • And finally…you get two free websites to start.  This will let you apply what you’re learning in the lessons in a real-world-way and fully explore if this is something that you can do.

Here are the highlights of the Premium membership:

  • There is an option to upgrade should you choose. This will give you access to 3 more Certification Training levels as well as 5 more phases of Boot Camp Training.
  • Cost:
  • $47/month
  • $359 annual (works out to $0.98 cents/day)

Here is a full description of the benefits of going Premium if you would like to learn more. Please note that this is totally optional and there are no further upgrades you will need to do…this is it!

Ready To Start Your Online Business?

I encourage you to check the internet for other training centers…I have. Compare them to Wealthy Affiliate, see if they offer the same, lower, or even better training. This is your business you are starting up so do your due diligence and check them all out.

But if you’re ready you can set up your free account here!

Want to learn more about my recommended training center? You can read my review here or search online for other reviews.

Got a question? Let me know below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Great post Rick. Especially the “Don’t Look For The Money First” quote. That was one mistake I made when I first started.

    • I think a lot of us saw dollar signs before we realized how bogus the charlatans were. Hopefully we get out early enough to not spend our last dollar on false hopes.

  2. Great post, Rick. You were thoroughly honest in your description of Wealthy Affiliate and you know your stuff! I hope your readers will take you up on your free website offer and try it for a week at least at the free level. If they ever get into the training lessons, they’ll know that this is something far more valuable than the scammers’ get rich quick schemes.


  3. Great article rick. I have started my IM business a couple of minths ago and i am just starting to make some money.

    • Hey, that’s great news. As we continue to build our sites and make money we just need to continue to rinse and repeat. Congrats to you.

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