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Free Online Learning Sites Should Provide A Bang For Your Buck

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Free Online Learning Sites Should Provide A Bang For Your Buck

Don’t get hooked by shysters

The internet is a feeding frenzy for those offering free online learning sites that are in no way, shape or form actually free. They hook you with “free” and then gut your wallet with gusto, leaving you frustrated (again and again) and embarrassed to talk about it.

Free learning is not about the money but about the sweat equity you are prepared to put in based on the lessons you’re given to learn. If it’s truly a valuable site then you should still receive a quality education, even if it’s free.

What’s free online learning worth to you?

What Do You Have As Collateral?

Your Time Is Valuable

Many who begin an online business also hold down a regular job, have a family, and actually have a social life. And now you want to add a website business to that. Certainly doable if you’re willing to do the work.

Bring Your Appetite To The Table

You must be hungry to make any business work and doing this online is no different. You must be willing to do the work and not expect the money to be served on a silver platter. So roll up your sleeves and belly up to the table and get ready to dig in.

Work Your Passion

Don’t pick a business that is hum ho boring just because you think it’s “the next greatest niche”. Find and do something online that you are passionate about and that you know what you’re talking about. A website never ends, and neither should the posts you put up and the products you promote.

And In Return You Should Get

So you’re willing, hungry, and prepared to commit the time…now what is this learning site offering…and it must be available free…indefinitely!

Believe it or not you are actually in the driver’s seat when it comes to checking out all of the website classes that are available, and there are many.

Here are 3 things you should demand:

1. Help to get started online. Things like how to find your niche, naming your website, organizing the framework of your site, and how to provide value to the visitor.

2. Structured training from industry experts. And their goal shouldn’t be to grab your money but teach you how to make money (yes, this should happen even when the training is free).

3. The ability to stay free if that’s what you want. There shouldn’t be an end date or “this offer expires at midnight” warning. You must be allowed to continue to build your website even though you may be done the free training (although it’s always good to go back and review).

There’s just too much free information on the internet nowadays for online training centers to charge you for anything beyond a starter membership.  If they do…you move!

Upsells Are Optional

These training centers are, of course in it to make a buck themselves. After all, they’re in business, too, right? But any upsell they offer, I.e. memberships, other products, or even added bonuses, should still be an option for you, the student.

You don’t need to be “kicked out” just when you’re getting “kick-started”. Everyone knows that starting a business, any business, takes time and dedication. If a teaching site is focused solely on grabbing your money then you should “kick their habit” and move on.

You should expect to see their option to upgrade but it doesn’t need to be done with those aggravating popups that dubious companies seem to favor.

Meet Your Learning Site

Ready to get started? Read this review and decide if it meets all the criteria listed above. I know it does…but why not check it out and decide for yourself.

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    • So glad you connected with this. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place and the community is top notch; everyone out to help each other succeed. Thanks for stopping by.

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