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Creating A Goal For Your Website – It’s Not A Roll Of The Dice

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Creating A Goal For Your Website - Or You Can Roll The DiceDaddy needs a new pair of shoes! C’mon lucky #7!

This doesn’t exactly sound like the best way of creating a goal for your website, letting chance and lady luck roll the dice for you. But how many website owners leave their goals to the gods to decide for them?

(By the way), the goal of this website is “to show Baby Boomers how easy it is to create their own blog (website)”. Nothing complicated and every page or post is written with that goal in mind and there must be some tidbit of useful information each visitor can take away with them.

How do you decide on your goal when you’re first setting up your website and can your goal ever change?

It All Starts With A Glimmer

Have you ever wondered how some of the authority websites got to where they are? With all the Pandas, and Penguins, and now a Hummingbird they certainly didn’t “buy their way to the top”, at least I don’t think so.

But how do you get the kernel, that golden nugget that will blossom into an incredible storehouse of information and/or products? Creating a niche website or an authority site all starts somewhere. Knowing how to find your brand and then do keyword research will be critical.

What is a goal, beyond another point on the scoreboard? I could give you the dictionary definition but thought it might serve us better to create our own…OK, here it is, for those that like such things: this is from an online dictionary.

Lets get creative and decide for ourselves what a goal is, specifically a goal for a website. So for those of you who are back from reading the dictionary definition…lets throw out the rule book and bring in the stone tablets, we’re going to create our own definition.


⇒ a score advancing one towards winning the game ⇒ nah
⇒ a thing with an end result in mind ⇒ better
⇒ the desired end product of your actions ⇒ I like this one and it’s “wife approved” (she gave it to me:)

Based on this, and I’m trusting I have your agreement, a goal is visualizing what you know you want (as you understand it today) and then taking action to make it a reality.

So what is the goal of your website? As noted above, the goal of this site is to teach Baby Boomers how to create their own website. This was something I decided on right away when I chose this specific niche and it has been the driver that keeps me adding posts.

Of course, knowing the goal might be dependent upon knowing your niche so if you need any help with that you can read here. But even with that, you likely already know if your goal is to create an online business, create a personal blog, or even provide spiritual or uplifting blogs.

Goals Change As You Become Focused

Something that is also important to remember is that while you may start off with a goal, a lofty one of course, you may find yourself amending that as your website grows; probably creating a more practical goal that makes better sense and is attainable.

As you begin to dig deep into your niche and realize the value you can bring you will begin to change the goal(s) you originally started out with. Sort of like learning to shoot or kick with either hand or foot; you have to adapt if you want to succeed.

Your Goal Will Take You From A to B

During the darkest winter night or the barren internet desert…OK, that sounds to much like Shakespeare. Regardless, your goal will be that thing that keeps you moving forward and will keep you grounded as you build out your website or even wonder what next to write about.

A good reminder, and a question you should ask yourself should you wonder why you ever started a website is: why did I ever start this website?

It will be your goal that gives you the answer!

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