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Creating A Free Website Has Never Been Easier

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building website web under constructionIsn’t technology wonderful! 10 years ago you had to be a geek and know coding in order to build a website. Now: with a click of a button anyone interested in creating a free website can be up and live with a website within minutes.

But there are a few things you should know and do first (creating the website is actually the easy part). And before we go much further, you need to know that I am not a fan of scams that promise you riches while you sleep while they build you “a free website”.

You must be deliberate and focused…there’s a few things you should know even before you start a free site.

What’s Your Passion?

BEFORE you start a website — you must determine what it will be about. It sounds simple but think about that, you will be adding regular posts, perhaps some reviews of products, or maybe even become an affiliate marketer. Or you may simply want to create your own personal blog because you have something to say

But whatever you choose you must know that you can do it for the long-term and it will be something that you are proud to show your children or the town crier (they’ll promote the heck out of your site so make sure you give them something good to talk about).

When you select a niche that you are passionate about not only will you be able to do it long-term but your visitors will also read your passion in your words. They want to know that you believe in what you’re selling before they will do any buying.  If you want further help in finding your niche then the points made in this article will help.

Is Your Goal To Make Money?

BEFORE you start a website — be honest with yourself. Are you planning to make either a full-time or part-time income from this? Most of us are so you should decide this right at the start.

Then look at various affiliate programs and find out if there are even products in the niche you want to enter. Here’s what you do:

Type (product) + affiliate program into Google and if there are any affiliate programs available you will find out quickly enough. For instance, if your niche is “vacations”, type “vacations + affiliate programs” and you will be given a number of affiliate programs that you can sign up for.

This Is What Easy Looks Like

OK, LETS START a website.  Now that you know what your niche is you should come up with a name and…enter it here and click “Build My Free Website”.

SiteRubix - Build Stunning Free Websites!

Congratulations! You have just taken the first step towards having an online presence. Oh, you should know (unless you’ve left already to create your site) that you have also just joined an awesome online training center that has other members doing exactly what you are doing.

Not sure if you should make the commitment? No worries. You can read my personal review here and find out why I’ve been a member for over a year.

And then, fill out your profile and jump into Live Chat and say hello. Welcome.

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  1. Great post Rick. The most important thing about starting a site is “your passion”. If your heart is not in it you will fail.WA has all the tools necessary to become successful. And it’s done without the usual hyped-upped, goo-roo marketing tactics.

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