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Stop Struggling to Make Money Online and Get TrainedVery much like an offline endeavor, when you decide that you want to create a business website you need to ensure that you have the right training and support.

If you want to succeed online you should read this!

>>Stay away from the scammers

>>Ignore the overnight “sensations” that promise thousands of dollars while you sleep

>>Click away from get-rich-quick pop ups.

You want to build a quality business that you’re not embarrassed to tell the “town gossip” about!

This is Not a “Mom and Pop” Shop

Your online success is dependent on one thing…your website.  You need to create a professional online presence that causes your visitors to do two things:

  • Learn to trust you
  • Remember to come back

Consider your own online experiences, there are some websites that when you land on them you know right away that you found what you were looking for.  And then there are the other websites you land on that you cannot click away from fast enough.

You don’t want to be known as a website to avoid!


What is A Profitable Business?

For many, this is the key question they ask when looking for an online business.  Why build something that is not going to earn you income?  “Time is money” and you don’t want to spend countless hours on your business if you don’t see a return on your investment (ROI).

Obviously, you will need to spend some time brainstorming and researching any business niche that you are considering starting up.  There are a few things you can do:

  • Use free search engine tools such as:
    • Google Trends,
    • Google Instant (typing in your queries to see how many results there are)
    • The new Google Keyword Planner
  • Find a keyword tool that allows you to see the monthly traffic and, more importantly, the competition you will be up against

Ultimately, there are 3 things all the experts recommend:

  • Choose a business that interests you
  • High demand with low supply
  • How to monetize


Find Your Product

Nothing is more important when finding a product to market than suitability!

When you go to brand name websites you are going there for a very specific reason or for specific products or even the cheapest products.  We have all become very sophisticated when online and conduct very targeted searches.

Your website must deliver the same quality search.  If your website is about selling apples then sell apples…not oranges.

I would also caution you about trying to be an “online department store” and try to sell everything under the sun in the hopes that somebody will buy something.  Ask yourself, what do you do when you land on a website like this?

  • Did the website deliver what you were looking for?
  • Did your eyes cross and glaze over with all the banners and advertisements?
  • Did you stay longer than 5 seconds?

A simple way to find an affiliate program

The search engines have really made this easy for all online marketers.  Simply type in the following:

(name of your niche) + affiliate program

For instance, if I wanted to sell cars (this is much too broad of a market, by the way) this is what I would type to find out if there is an affiliate program:


How to find an affiliate program


This will then give you search results of the companies that offer affiliate programs in your chosen niche.  You can then visit their sign up page, check their Terms of Service, and decide if that is the affiliate program you want to market.

A reputable affiliate program typically will provide you with banners and advertisements that you can use on your website; oftentimes they will even provide you with an affiliate link that you can embed and, when clicked on, will ensure you receive the commission if your visitor buys from that company.


Create A Website

Now that you know what your business website will be and you have found a compatible product that you know you can market, you are ready to create your website.  This is not personal, you are making a business decision that is right for you so take the time to research and build with a trusted provider.

There are many options available to you, both free and paid.  It will be up to you and your budget which way you go and how much you are prepared to invest.  As I’m sure you know, the internet is filled with different opportunities, both good and bad, that promise that they can deliver what you are searching for.

Let me simplify your search and provide my recommended online training center.

Free Training:

Screenshot WA Certification 1 Lessons


Paid Training ($47/month)

Screenshot WA Certification 2 Lessons


Screenshot WA Certification 3 Lessons


There is also an additional Level 4 Certification Course as well as a Boot Camp Training, and numerous other classrooms which allow for discussions on various topics.


Take Pride in Your Site

Not only are you creating a business website that needs to look professional and offer valuable products, you also need to ensure that it is uniquely yours.  You want to be able to point to it and say, “I did that” and “You need to read this”.

A sense of ownership goes hand in hand with caring what your visitor experiences.  Your goal is to deliver the best engaging site that delivers the best product for your customer’s buck.

Your high quality site wins hands-down over the “scammer hype”!

And it is this quality that will do two things:

  • Create repeat customers
  • Get word-of-mouth referrals

When these happen, your site is a success…and the money will follow.

If you want to learn more about me and my online training opportunity then I invite you to read my review here.


Do you have any questions?  Please leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you.

Thank you for reading.



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