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What Every Baby Boomer Needs to Know About Empower Network 2.0

Empower Network 2 Scam

Many people want to start their own online business. But before you Baby Boomers, or anyone else, signs up for the wrong “opportunity” I encourage you to spend some time here understanding what you need to know about Empower Network 2.0.

As a previous member of Empower Network I never could figure out what the actual product was other than to get you to sign up others who would sign up others and…well, you get the picture.

Obviously, 2.0 means there is a 1.0. I’ve written a previous post on this and, out of curiosity, thought I would check out the newer version.

…and let me tell you…I am alarmed!

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My “Wake Up Now” Home Business Debate: And The Winner Is…?

My Wake Up Now Debate About Easy Money

You don’t go to bed broke and “Wake Up Now” Rich

Recently, I was contacted by someone I knew who asked me if I was interested in a “network marketing opportunity”. Of course, I thought, not knowing that this would turn into a debate about the “Wake Up Now” Home Business…scam!

OK, in fairness, I tried to look at it objectively but as I did some quick reviews I became more and more concerned that this was a bundling of free programs already available online that were turned into a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and that would give me unprecedented wealth.

Baby Boomers Learn To Blog is not just a website about creating a successful blog but it is also dedicated to reviewing other online businesses in an attempt to provide insights into the latest scummy scams that target our generation and others.

So enjoy this debate and let me know who you think wins.

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Cash Machines 2 Scam: Scores 3 Out Of 10

Product: Cash Machines 2.0

Website: http://cashmachine2.com/

Owner: Aaron Ward (or is he an actor?)  Tim and Zak

Cost:      $49.00 for the first 300 (see explanation below)

Raised to $997.00 “at any time to keep the scammers out”

Score: 3 Out of 10.  Read Why!


Supplies traffic software so you can learn how to make money online using their system.

This article will be comparing Cash Machines to our recommended product.  You can go here if you would like to review that one immediately.

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Google Sniper Review: Scores 2 Out Of 10

Google Sniper Review Product: Google Sniper 2.0

Website: http://gsniper2.com/

Owner: George Brown


Score:  2 Out of 10.  Read Why!



Create “sniper sites” that rank high in the search engines by using low competition and profitable keywords that will make you money.

These keywords are used as Exact Match Domains (EMD’s) which then become the authority for that keyword or niche

If you would like a great comparison to this product then check out my online school here.

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Partner With Tom Review: Scores 3 Out Of 10

Partner With Tom Review

NOTE: Name was blocked out on “Partner With Tom” video

Product: Partner With Tom

Website: http://www.partnerwithtom.com

Owner: Tom Rockwell

Score:  3 Out of 10.  Read Why!


The product claims to be a work-at-home system that allows you to make money when you create your “My Partner Website”.


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How To Start a Blog With AARP: Is Their Training Enough?

AARP LogoDid you know that AARP has a section on their website where you can learn how to start a blog?  But is their training enough?  Have they provided you with the tools to completely learn how to set up a website and learn the best blogging practices, and, should you wish, learn how to monetize your site?

In my opinion, AARP has provided an excellent starting point to begin your own blog and even provide some recommended blog hosting sites that you should take a look at.

Let’s review what they offer and if it’s sufficient.  Click on the colored tab below to review their “How to Set Up a Blog by Using WordPress”.


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Viral Cycler Review

VC's Promotional Video

Product: Viral Cycler

Website: http://viralcycler.com/

Owner: Global Net Team, VJ Singh, Programmer

Score:  Out 3 out of 10.  Read Why!



 NOTE: This link will take you to Viral Cycler’s Promotional video

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