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Basic Blogging Don’ts

Basic Blogging Don'tsThere are so many things that any one of us can do to make our websites unappealing or just outright wrong.  By focusing on just the negative in this post I’m hopeful that you will come to realize what are some basic blogging don’ts.

Have you ever had someone tell you not to do something and you go ahead and do it anyway?  That is simple human nature and it is how we learn.  There is nothing wrong with this, within reason of course.  So, with that positive spin on the word “don’t”, lets review a few of the big ones and try to turn those into positives.

This post will by no means be exhaustive but will speak to a few of the bigger problems I’ve seen when people are blogging.

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How Do You Get People To Read Your Blog?

dog reading bookFor those of you with websites and you write blogs sometimes one of the most frustrating aspects is how do you get people to read your blog. Has this happened to you? Do you wish you had or do you want more traffic and have more people to read those pearls of wisdom you so carefully weave and post on your site?

Welcome to the online world…and the crazy, if not insane, competition that is the internet!

Well, here is the long lost secret. Here is the ingredient that will make your blog a sure-fired favorite that will keep people coming back for seconds. (If this were a book I would say “turn the page to find the answer”.) But here it is:

The answer: write about what people want to read about.

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Want To Know How To Fix A Website? Ask For Help!

Man_Attrezzi_002Can you read this? Of course you can…you’re here. 24 hours ago you wouldn’t have been able to because somehow I managed to almost completely destroy 8 months of work. If you want to know how to fix a website I’m here to tell you one thing…ask for help!

Have you ever lost your images, links, and even your menu on your website? If you have then you can relate when I tell you how I felt when this happened to me.

But thanks to this video, I had backed up my website and when I asked the author a few questions he offered to help restore it…for FREE!  If you know of another place that can beat this offer, and be true to their word, then I’m all ears.

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My Blogging Thought for the Day: Be You Online

Think outside the box conceptHave you ever gone looking for that one thought for the day that will help, encourage, motivate, sustain you?  I think that’s why many of us search this phrase.  We often need that little push or kernel of wisdom that will help us cope or even make us smile.

There’s no better time to be thinking outside the box than when it comes to your own website and being yourself.

But what about for those of us who are creating a website and trying to develop followers online?  Do you ever feel drained and exhausted sometimes that maybe this isn’t for you?

I’ve recently discovered (I’m a slow learner sometimes) that I cannot be nor should attempt to be anyone other than myself online.

Oh sure, we all read about the latest product that will make us rich or we find a great online school that is exactly what we’re looking for when it comes to training and support.  But sometimes we we let ourselves take on the persona of those that are training us or those that will lead us to the land of milk and honey (that last is said very “tongue in cheek” and intended for all those scammers).

Here’s the thing and it’s actually quite simple: be yourself online…period!

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Your Content Blog Categories: Why Are They Important?

Add New Category ButtonFor those who are new to working online, it’s critical that your content blog categories are set up properly.  You want your website organized in such a way to make navigating it user-friendly and easy to find relevant information.

The content is the pages and posts on your site while categories are how the posts only are assigned or indexed by subject matter.  This will help organize related posts together and make it easier for visitors to find your content.

Make sense?  OK, let’s categorize those posts.

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Free SEO Training for Beginner Bloggers

SEO ButtonSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) training for anyone who is a beginner blogger is absolutely critical for your success if you want your website to be found!

And guess what: it’s a lot easier than you think.

SEO might sound like a foreign beast to the uninitiated but it is actually easy to tame and can become your best friend when understood and used properly.  Read this first if you are still needing to create a website.

Here are some tips that you need to know.

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My First Year Writing A Blog Has Been Interesting

Very InterestingI realized today that it was almost one year ago that I wrote my first blog.  It has definitely been an interesting first year as a blogger and finding my way through the maze of “online opportunities, gizmos, and gimmicks”.

I have learned a few things along the way and thought I would share them in the hopes that other Baby Boomers can learn the pros and cons of creating their own websites and even learn to be successful online.

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