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Online education school written on a chalkboardReady to go back to school? Want to create your own online business? The two are compatible and your diploma is your paycheck. Not a bad combo!

Too many want to succeed overnight without taking the right education first. And then they wonder why the money isn’t being automatically deposited…like they were promised. Blinded by flashing banners and opt-in forms, too many who want to work online don’t stop and read the disclaimers that results are not guaranteed. “But surely, that’s not me,” you say. “I’ll make it work.”

Let’s take the blinders off and examine the training you need (banners not included).

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YouTube Oldies But Goodies Bring Back Memories For Boomers

You Tube Oldies But Goodies Bring Back Memories For BoomersDo you remember all the T.V. shows we used to watch when we we were growing up? And on black and white televisions? Well, if you don’t already know, you can now watch these again…for free…on YouTube. These oldies but goodies are available to watch over and over…and have something else on your TV that is not the your kid’s latest music video or Netflix series.

Just like Google Search, YouTube has a search bar that allows you to find that show from days past. It’s incredible how many are on there and how many “vaults” have coughed up classics like Carol Burnett, Mash, and…the original Batman?!

Here are a few clips…and then lets take a quick look at how they’re linked here.

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Want The Goods On How To Blog On Facebook?

3d button add friend with 3d humans - social network conceptTalk…engage…stay connected. If you take a look at Facebook’s mission statement below, they want us to have the power to share. And they have given us the free platform to do just that. And really, connecting and sharing is how to blog on Facebook.

When you think of it, FB is like a mini blog site, whether you frame your status updates in words, pictures or even links to your website. The goal is really to create engagement and discussion, not just to talk about what you had for breakfast (I had cereal, BTW).

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Are Your Blogs Life Changing OR Life Sucking?

Frustrated BloggerWhether you write ‘em, read ‘em, or trash ‘em, blogs can be life changing or totally suck the life out of you!

We all have blogs we love and blogs we hate (not this one, of course). Some are engaging and even border on brilliant and some are a step above graffiti sprayed angrily on the underside of a crumbling bridge.

So what makes for a quality blog and why are some followed religiously and others get a “how the heck did I get here” reaction and click…gone? Those are the “life sucking” blogs that drain our time and drive us to a bookstore or the yellow pages to get the help we need.

Here are two simple reasons why visitors will stay (maybe even come back) and two fast reasons why your visitors give you atrocious bounce rates; meaning, the click is mightier than the post.

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Is Writing A Blog Post Hard? – Try These 3 Easy Steps

3d characterSome days, writing a blog post is hard and it becomes very easy to get distracted with social media (just kicked myself off of Pinterest), T.V. (only one more episode of Big Bang Theory, please), or even housework…although the place does look pretty good.

OK, to the computer and time to get busy…look at the squirrel!

If this happens to you here are 3 easy steps you can use to help you focus and realize that, while the post won’t write itself, it is easier than you thought. Lets focus on
(1) the topic,
(2) the outline, and then
(3) actually writing the post.

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How Do You Talk To People On Twitter – Or Do You Sell, Sell, Sell?

How do you talk to people on Twitter?Do you ever get frustrated with the speed of Twitter and the fact that many people are only intent on selling? It’s become a giant advertising billboard! My question for you is, how do you talk to people on Twitter?

There seems to be 3 categories:
conversations with only people you know
conversations and Retweets of others you like, follow, and share
Millions and millions of things for sale or the latest “online opportunity”

But what if you only conversed and only with those people that don’t link the heck out of you. Would you use Twitter? I’m going to do a variation of this training and see if I can change how I use Twitter.

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How To Set Up A Google Alert: Tips For Baby Boomers

Get Free Niche Alerts

Are You Using This Free Tool?

Did you know that there is a simple way to make sure you keep up on all the newest and greatest information about your niche?  This one comes straight from Google and in this post I wanted to share a few tips about how you can set up your own Google Alerts.  Oh, this is a free service any of us can use.

But first of all, what is a Google Alert?  Believe me, it’s a good thing; it’s not something that you get in your inbox saying that you’ve run afoul of this search engine giant.  An Alert, in this case, actually brings good news and…even better…it’s news that you have requested!

This isn’t a David and Goliath story but, rather, a Goliath that helps David…and it’s a true story.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find information for your website or, even, to know what next to write about.  Through their alerts, Google will notify you of new posts and the latest news according to what they view as relevant.

So let’s get into it…

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