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Cash Machines 2 Scam: Scores 3 Out Of 10

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Product: Cash Machines 2.0

Website: http://cashmachine2.com/

Owner: Aaron Ward (or is he an actor?)  Tim and Zak

Cost:      $49.00 for the first 300 (see explanation below)

Raised to $997.00 “at any time to keep the scammers out”

Score: 3 Out of 10.  Read Why!


Supplies traffic software so you can learn how to make money online using their system.

This article will be comparing Cash Machines to our recommended product.  You can go here if you would like to review that one immediately.

Intent of Product

To provide info, improve your life, and make money online.

States you can get website building software to create 5 websites and link to products.  You can then use Social Network platforms to drive traffic to your sites.

Offers insights into how to perform internet marketing strategies and how to promote your site and content.

States that you will receive training on how to create your 5 websites and then link to Amazon via a link connector that will “fetch” related products.


NOTE: author did not buy into this.  Training references have been gleaned from research, primarily of Cash Machine directly and information provided was very limited.

Videos are offered



Appears negligible based on a number of website reviews that included complaints of “no responses”.


None:  This product is not recommended for Baby Boomers (or anyone else for that matter) and is another scam to stay away from!


  • Very Annoying Upsells…did I say annoying!
  • Very difficult to navigate away from the promos that come from their website and from any “review” pages that promote Cash Machines.  See for yourself, here’s what I encountered when I was first investigating this company (and this isn’t all of them…I finally got tired of not being able to navigate away and so totally exited out of my browser):

Cash Machine 2 Scam Picture 1

Cash Machine 2 Scam Picture 2

Cash Machine 2 Scam Picture 3

Cash Machine 2 Scam Picture 4

Cash Machine 2 Scam Picture 5

And when you get through all those you finally land here…sign up…still with no information provided!

Cash Machine Scam 2

  •  Has all the appearance of another get-rich-quick scheme that promotes little work but make lots of money…when did you last win the lottery?  That’s what this reminds me of.
  • Would rather choose my own products from Amazon with my visitor in mind; not some random products where I don’t control the relevancy, even when I’m told they will be based on the keywords I select.
  • There is not a lot of information provided so the responsible visitor can make an informed decision.  It all appears to be hype as shown by a mansion (do you really think he owns it) and roulette wheels that make you go “hmm”.

My Recommendation

I must recommend that you stay away from this product (and I use that term loosely) because it sounds like another “plug-and-pay” scam; meaning, you plug in a system and it pays you lots of money…oh right, that’s maybe why they call it Cash Machines.

Here’s a graphic warning that they unwittingly provide: the roulette table…when they start off by showing that something is a gamble, a spin of the wheel, they’re kind of giving away their hand, don’t you think?

I’m scoring them a 3 out of 10 when it likely should be a 1 or 2 but because I did not purchase the product (I read enough to realize it is not for me) I am giving them some benefit of the doubt (but not very much).

Cash Machines is a SCAM and I would avoid it.

Score: 3 Out Of 10















My Wealthy Affiliate Review: Read this, get the information you need to make an informed decision.  Here are some highlights:

  • You can start free with two websites and Level 1 Certification Training and Phase 1 of Boot Camp training.
  • A very active and supportive community dedicated to helping each other succeed
  • Many members have been scammed before but now state unequivocally that they are “now home” and are learning properly how to build an online business.
  • There are many Baby Boomers, and other generations, who are participating, finding each other, and helping each other.
  • The owners are very much involved on a day to day business with the members, whether it’s in the classrooms, the discussions, or even the 24/7 online Live Chat room.
  • Support from the company is typically within 24 hours and they are always gracious and helpful when responding to tickets.

If you want to learn to succeed online and build a successful business then remember this: getting rich overnight is for lotteries and inheritances…spin the roulette wheel to see how often you will win those.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Great review. I think your assessment is absolutely correct. I cannot understand how anyone can take seriously a give away of something valued at $9,000, (but of course people do or this would not be on offer). That $ amount equates to a small car and how many of these are truly given away free – none. I hope this review is seen very widely – well done.

    • Thanks for your comments. People seem too willing to throw their money away at bright, and in this case, spinning objects. I always recommend to learn about starting a real business by going to online school, just like you would college or university. The money thrown away should go to quality education, an investment in yourself.

    • Yeah, no doubt. I would rather them send me a free small car instead of their amazing bonus. There is no such thing as a bonus being worth this much when it is digital information and that instantly says a lot about the actual product.

      • Yeah, I’m still not sure about the product. Reminds me a lot of the other spammy stuff out there; go online, do some research (that’s already free), and put together a “product” to sell…oh, by the way you need this one, too. One gets tired of the similarities these scammers use. Thanks for reading.

  2. Pretty good information for what you went through. At first when I saw the roulette wheel, I was pretty sure it was a gambling site. (I love gambling that’s why I don’t make tit a habit) so I wouldn’t want to gamble my money on something that isn’t very reliable. I clicked on the link you provide and It appears they are no longer in business. Didn’t take long huh? Probably took the money and started up the same thing under a different name. These scammers are all alike. Thanks for the info

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