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Basic Blogging Don’ts

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Basic Blogging Don'tsThere are so many things that any one of us can do to make our websites unappealing or just outright wrong.  By focusing on just the negative in this post I’m hopeful that you will come to realize what are some basic blogging don’ts.

Have you ever had someone tell you not to do something and you go ahead and do it anyway?  That is simple human nature and it is how we learn.  There is nothing wrong with this, within reason of course.  So, with that positive spin on the word “don’t”, lets review a few of the big ones and try to turn those into positives.

This post will by no means be exhaustive but will speak to a few of the bigger problems I’ve seen when people are blogging.

Don’t…Get Sidetracked by Shiny Objects

The mere fact that you are working online means that you will come across the scammers out there who would like to free you of some of your hard earned cash.  They’ll promise you the universe if it puts a dollar in their bank.

If you find something that seems to be legitimate then you really should take the time to fully check the opportunity out.  There are many reviews available that can help you decide if the opportunity, sometimes known as a get-rich-quick scheme, is legitimate or if it is something to avoid.  There are reviews available on this site as well if you would like to check them out; these include the good and the bad.

Don’t…Get Sidetracked in Chats or Forums

There are many of these out there and it’s recommended that you participate within some valuable communities that are in your niche.  You will want to contribute, engage, and add value so they know that you are not there scamming them yourself.

But have set days and/or times that you will spend there.  In today’s global community it’s very easy to find like-minded people who you enjoy spending time with online and who can actually become great friends, even though you likely will never meet.

It’s useful to use these online chat times as a reward to yourself; i.e. write a post or do some training and then go visit, maybe even share what your wrote or learned.  But don’t go the other way around or you will never work on your website…but you would have had a lovely visit.

Don’t…Over Decorate

Your site needs to look clean, simple, and easy to navigate.  It’s not something that visitors should land on and be hit between the eyes with commercials, advertisements, banners, flashing words, and…worst of all…pop ups.  How quickly do you yourself click away from any of these.

Visitors are typically looking for information, maybe even about a product, and it is your job to give it to them.  Don’t disappoint them and make them hide their wallets because that’s all they will think that you want and, guess what, they won’t be back.

Don’t…Ignore Your Education

The internet and the search engines are evolving and growing as well.  It’s very difficult for the average person to not only keep up with these but to also understand what they mean…or if they’re even important.

It’s important that all of us as bloggers take the time and continue to learn and implement what we’ve learned.  It’s advisable that you find an online training center that works for you and is a place that you go to get the information you need to continue to build a successful website.

On a quick personal note, the section above on Chats and Forums has become my newest focus.  I do belong to a great online community and find that, even on days off from my regular job, I spend far too much time chatting and commenting.We have the ability to post blogs and discussions which, although useful (especially to newcomers) do take us away from blogging on our websites.


Don’t…Stop Blogging!

Remember when you began your website and had all these great ideas and wonderful things you were going to share and maybe even sell?  Don’t ever lose sight of your original reason to begin a website.

Sure, your website will evolve and take on a different look and include other topics that you originally did not intend to do.  But again, it is evolving…growing…maturing.  You gave it life and both you and your blog will grow and explore together; that is completely natural!

Regular blogging will keep your website alive and vibrant.  These “don’ts” are intended to provide some insights on how to stay focused on your work so that first, you get visitors, and second, you actually get people reading your blog.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Great post and more than a few tidbits that I NEEDED to hear today!


  2. Great tipġs Rick 🙂 Would also add: Don’t fuss over fit to be perfect! 🙂

    As we know, no content is perfect, it’s always improving! 🙂

    Thanks for the great read!:)

    • Our conversations face to face are not perfect and I agree our Tweets don’t need to be as well. We do have to use discretion but as we get talking to one another we can get more comfortable and open as well.

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