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Baby Boomer Retirement Secrets: What We Don’t Want You To Know

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Baby Boomer Retirement Secrets

photo credit: Raquel Camargo via photopin cc

Shhh, don’t let the cat out of the bag.  We Baby Boomers have our retirement secrets and we’re not telling anyone.  Well, OK, maybe I’ll list a few of them but don’t pass it on and don’t let them go public.

There’s no government plot and you won’t see us in this summer’s blockbuster movies.  But because we’ve grown up in times of great changes and advancements you must admit that we “weren’t born yesterday”.  We’ve been flying under the radar and our masses have been quietly biding our time.


The Baby Boomer time is here!

We’re Keeping up with the Internet, Not Just the Jones’

It used to be that we Baby Boomers had to have the same or better car than our neighbors, the fictitious “Jones’”.  Or we had to have a bigger house or our yards had to look better with more flowers and greener grass.  Well now things have changed.

Now we are buying the latest gadgets, hosting hangouts, and developing our own websites and surfing the internet in ways that won’t let our skinny white legs be an embarrassment.  We don’t even know where the Jones’ are anymore because we don’t Google them.  And if they find us we just switch user names or avatars and dare them to follow our web crumbs.

Baby Boomers are getting very comfortable on the internet and we know that those seedy marketers from past days are searching for us, thinking they have the next great thing for us to buy.  But, through trial and error, scam and guru, we are learning that folks online cannot always be trusted and we are learning to sit solidly on our affluent behinds.


We Ain’t No Armchair Travelers

Baby Boomers travelBaby Boomers are taking the travel industry by storm; or at least flying away from the storms if we live in tornado alley or earthquake city.  You will find us on the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean, the slippery slopes of the Alps, or even the oldest castles of Lancelot fame.

Oh sure, we have our comfortable Lazy Boys and shaded patio tables at home but those are only to plot our next national or international excursions.  We’ve gathered in retirement communities as well so that in our numbers we can find help, hope, and health.  We have learned that the large family models that we grew up in can be extrapolated in our “mature” years to now include one another.  We take care of each other and nothing flies faster on the internet than the troubles of a Boomer who needs help and puts a call out to other Boomers, who can “feel their pain”.


Active Lifestyles

“Active” has taken on a whole new meaning since the kids left.  If they are still living at home with us, great, someone to look after the place while we’re following our new heart desires.  Whether we’re in the park doing yoga or on the golf course not caring about our handicaps, we’re active…we’re busy…we’re laughing all the way to the “life of privilege bank”.

Now that we are able to focus on ourselves we are taking better care of “our-selves”.  This was a long time coming; we’ve paid our dues, raised our kids, got the golden handshake from work (or will soon get) and now it’s actually about us.  Remember all those phrases we threw at you:

  • Suck it up princess
  • Grow up
  • You’ve got to be responsible
  • You have it so easy
  • Why, in my day…

Our job is done and now we’re getting active in our communities, our countries, and our world in ways that we couldn’t do before.  And to all of those kids who still live under our roof (and our rules) all I can say (still) is, “suck it up princess, your parents are free!”


We’re Eating Our Vegetables

Baby Boomers are eating healthierRemember all of those times at the dinner table when our kids didn’t want to eat their vegetables?  But we told them to because we knew that fruits and vegetables are good for them.  Well, now we’re taking our own advice and are eating better and properly.  Oh sure, the meal sizes are smaller and the grocery bill is smaller, but our shopping is now focused on those foods that will help us eat and live better as well as prolong our later years.

Baby Boomers have spent much of their lives taking care of others while our bellies became tires and our eyes grew bags.  But now, with both eating and exercising better, we are getting slim, tanned, and renewed.  With these, who needs Viagra?  There is a realization that our days aren’t as many and the end, while not in sight, is certainly more of a reality with each passing cake.  So we take care of ourselves to extend that time…too bad we were too busy to do it before, but such are a Boomers responsibilities.


Not Taking the Economic Blame

Here’s my last secret about the Baby Boomer generation that I want to share: the economy is not just our fault.  Oh sure, as we retire and even have more health needs there will be an added strain on public purses…but there is one on our purse as well.  We’re a part of whatever economic downturn or poor government spending habits occur just as much as anyone else.  We’re not innocent bystanders but neither are we naive scapegoats.

Our taxes also built whatever country we live in and, because there are so many of us, we know that many things exist because of the money, time, and energy we invested in creating our communities.  There wasn’t a hue and outcry as we moved through our working lives and paid our fair share.  But now that there are so many of us set to retire, if we haven’t already, we are also a part of the solution and not the problem.

I am neither a tax expert nor a budget guru but I can tell you that Baby Boomers are getting tired of being blamed for financial woes we may find ourselves in.  Our nature was never one to take and not give back or to not help when help was needed.  We recognize our role and responsibility in society and, in these our final years, we will continue to contribute, help, donate, work part-time…whatever is needed so the world we helped create is left in good shape for our kids and grandchildren.


And Why All Of This, You Ask?

Because we are retiring, in higher and higher numbers and we have, or most of us have, the opportunity to enjoy the fruit of our labors…and have the time and energy to act on them, I wanted to provide a few insights into the thinking of a Baby Boomer.  Whether you want to market to us, cuddle up with us, humor us, or work with us, these points will help you to see inside the minds and lives of the largest generation on the planet.

We are the Baby Boomers and it’s time the secrets of our retirement hopes and plans came out!  Oh darn, I wasn’t going public, was I?  Please use this information against us and profit if you must, just remember that we want our allowance.  Hey, if you would like to join me online why not come visit on Live Chat?

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Well written article! We have shared several similar articles on Baby Boomers on our website http://www.jbbonds.com. We are the authors of “Rainbow’s End”. It is fiction/humor about 2 sisters in their 70’s and all the fun, active seniors that live at Rainbow’s End. I will be sharing your article on our website! Great job!

    JB Bonds

    • Thank you, I appreciate it. Went over and added you to my social networks. Really like the layout and info on your site and will certainly go back and read more. All the best to you.

  2. Thank you so much to. I am glad you liked the layout and info. Hurry back. 🙂

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