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Are Your Blogs Life Changing OR Life Sucking?

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Frustrated BloggerWhether you write ‘em, read ‘em, or trash ‘em, blogs can be life changing or totally suck the life out of you!

We all have blogs we love and blogs we hate (not this one, of course). Some are engaging and even border on brilliant and some are a step above graffiti sprayed angrily on the underside of a crumbling bridge.

So what makes for a quality blog and why are some followed religiously and others get a “how the heck did I get here” reaction and click…gone? Those are the “life sucking” blogs that drain our time and drive us to a bookstore or the yellow pages to get the help we need.

Here are two simple reasons why visitors will stay (maybe even come back) and two fast reasons why your visitors give you atrocious bounce rates; meaning, the click is mightier than the post.

You’re Providing the Information/Products Being Searched

Websites (blogs) typically fall into one of two categories – they’re either providing information that’s useful or they’re providing products that shoppers are looking for. Make sure you know which one your’s is.

Here Is The Information You Are Looking For

Spell it out, clearly and simply. Don’t beat around the bush with a hundred introductory words when 8 will do…like in the sub-heading above.

Today’s surfer is more sophisticated than they were even two years ago. And the search engines, especially Google, have recognized that and are focused on providing a quality user experience.

So now, instead of typing in “how do I fix the dryer”, searchers are asking “how to replace the dryer belt in a whirlpool”. Very specific to both the brand that they need help with and the specific problem that they need help with.

Websites that provide information need to provide the information that is being searched. And it needs to be information that is relevant to the topic so don’t go chasing butterflies in the middle of telling someone which screwdriver they need to change that dryer belt.

Buy Here…I Have What You’re Looking For

If your website is not only providing information but also the products to buy, in our case the dryer belt, then make sure you add only those products that are going to help your visitor. If you want to effectively impact someone’s life then give them those things that will help them change their life.

Remember Jack and the Beanstalk? He started off with instructions to sell the milk-dry cow so they could have money. But he got waylaid by an old man with beans and got in trouble when he got back home. Fortunately this led to the explosive beanstalk and the rest, they say, is history; gold coins, golden eggs (nice for retirement), then the golden harp. Nice! And they all lived happily ever after.

But your website is not a fairy tale and you cannot offer “fools gold” to your visitor!

Stay true to the purpose of your blog and whether you are providing information or products give your visitors two things:

  1. A reason to stay
  2. A reason to come back

Your Content Is So Compelling People Just Have To Read It

Have you heard the online phrase “quality content”? My spin on that is “authentic content”. People know when you are being real and you know what you’re talking about. Want to suck the life out of your blog…become untrustworthy and you will do just fine.

Quick quiz about why you read:

  • It’s something you’re interested in?
  • It’s something you need to know?
  • It’s just so doggone good that it doesn’t matter who wrote it or what it’s about; it’s engaging, funny, a tear-jerker, or even outrageous?

Did all 3 resonate with you? Would these keep you on a webpage?

Your blog does not have to be life changing in that your visitor has an epiphany about the meaning of life (what does that mean anyway) nor does it need to provide regurgitated headlines that people can read about on the news.

But what your blog should provide is information and products, tidbits, “how to’s”, and anything else that helps your visitor find what they are looking for. If you’ve ever found what you were looking for online then you know exactly what I’m speaking about.

Research it ⇒ Write it ⇒ Sell it. This is typically how websites work. But lets add value and authenticity…or someone will chop your beanstalk out from under you.

Two Reasons Your Blog Might Suck?

While I’m sure there are more than two reasons visitors might hastily click away, these are the two that I hear the most about:

#1: It’s recognized for the scam that it is. With so many “golden trinkets” out there you must be careful and learn to recognize these scammers and spammers for what they are. Remember, Jack and the Beanstalk is a fairy tale and not something to pin your online hope on.Whether it’s the newest internet scam or it’s a website that is agog with ads (much like a mailbox flyer) these are true blog life suckers and should be avoided.  If you’re not sure which ones to trust I would advise that you do some in depth researching to know who’s scamming.

#2: They are a real pain in the a** to read. By this I mean grammatically and without spelling errors. I swear (again) that some folks must have their spell checkers turned off when they write and don’t turn them on before they publish.

Want to lose readers fast…spell wurds rong an dey will leeve…weally! (And do you know how hard it was to type this and actually leave it in the post?)

Now for the final test (and I’m afraid to ask)…was this post a life changer or a life sucker for you? Is it possible that you actually read through to the end and went: “what?” Or maybe you said: “That made sense”. Hopefully the latter.

If you would like to read more of what not to do with your blog then “Basic Blogging Don’ts” will help. These 5 points will give you some additional information to create a successful blog.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Another excellent blog post, Dave! You have an excellent writing style and always provide great content for your readers. I love the picture.

    • Thanks (its Rick, actually:). Appreciate your kind words about my writing. We each need to find our writer’s voice online and I’m still working on mine. I’ve seen some of your articles and they are always well written and thoughtful. Thanks back to you.

  2. [ Smiles ] I believe that once people see value in a blog, they are going to keep revisiting it!

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