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A Web Based Learning Environment For Baby Boomers

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Everyone has their favorite way they learn.  And when it comes to a web based learning environment there are incredible methods and tools available.

Baby Boomers grew up in public classrooms and university lecture halls.  The advantage of modern technology was not ours to enjoy.  But now as adult learners we have been given opportunities not dreamed of when we used to put an apple on the teacher’s desk.

Let’s explore for a minute what is now literally at our fingertips via our keyboards, mouse, and cameras.

My Online School

For the purposes of this article, I will be exploring the many resources available at Wealthy Affiliate so that you can see the tools I have available to me and that have helped many of my pages rank on the first pages of the search engines.

We will primarily be reviewing those resources that are available to all free members who sign up and complete their profile.  This will allow you to have access to two free websites so that you may put into practice what you learn and begin to create your very own website…or two.

There will be some references to the training available to Premium members so that you can see what else is being taught.


We will explore:

  • The Level One Certification Course
  • Phase One of the popular Boot Camp
  • An overview of the weekly webinars
  • An overview of the Classrooms
  • A quick look at Live Chat
  • Personal Blogs


The Level One Certification Course

This training is a combination of 10 online learning modules presented via lessons and videos.  There are specific tasks that you are required to complete prior to moving on to the next lesson.  This is free to all Starter Members and provides you with the tools to start your websites.

Screenshot WA Certification One Lessons


As you can see, you are taken through the steps of finding your niche, creating your website, understanding keywords, and why it is important to write quality content – the articles you post on your website.

Once you have completed each lesson you will be required to check off each section, including the videos, as seen in this example screenshot of a lesson I completed.

Certification One Checklist


Follow these steps to your success!

These lessons will take you anywhere from a day to a week, at the very least.  I would recommend longer because you are also setting up your website at the same time you are going through the training.  Be patient, your online business needs to be built properly and with the right supporting framework.


Boot Camp – Phase One

Commencing at the beginning of 2013, the website owners, Kyle and Carson, commenced an online Boot Camp for anyone interested in joining.  The intent of this training is for those who want to create a website that refers new visitors to Wealthy Affiliate.  The opportunity to earn residual income through commissions is highly possible…I’m doing it!

Phase One is a 10 day course for everyone, including those who are free members.  I will note that there currently are four other Phases but these are restricted to those who are Premium members.  You can read about these under my reviews.

Here’s an overview of the courses available in the Boot Camp Phase One training:


Screenshot Bootcamp training


You will notice that this is very focused on creating a website that draws visitors to this online community through engagement and referrals.  As one of the top-rated online schools available today, this is not really difficult to do.

As noted earlier, there are four other Boot Camp Phases in addition to Phase One.  It’s recommended to do the Certification Level One Training prior to commencing with the Boot Camp so you have the initial skills and tools that you will need to succeed.

I’m on Phase Five…and, wow, the things I have learned!


An Overview of the Weekly Webinars

Please note that this training is only available to Premium members but at different times videos are released for everyone.  I just think that it’s important for you to see what is being taught live every Friday evening.


Wabinars at Wealthy Affiliate


These are typically one hour live sessions with the attendees able to ask questions at the conclusion of the presentation.  These videos are then placed on the home site for other Premium members to review.

There are many videos available within Wealthy Affiliate that will provide you with the training to understand working online as well as building out your websites.  So whether you learn by reading or watching or both, it’s all here.

Of interest, my website was reviewed in the “Boot Camp Hot” Seat lesson.


An Overview of the Other Classrooms

These classrooms are truly becoming the mainstay for members to post their own topics and receive responses from the owners and the other members.

Because Wealthy Affiliate is such a supportive and engaging online community, these classrooms are gaining in popularity.  Here’s a quick snapshot of what they include:


Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms


There are over 1,000 discussions contained in the 13 individual classrooms with numerous replies and suggestions for each.  I’ve posted a number of discussion questions or comments and am getting responses back within an hour.  These responses range anywhere from “way to go” to “try doing this”, or whatever else you’re looking for.

My personal favorite is the “Authoring and Writing Content”


A Quick Look at Live Chat

Reputable online training centers have, not only support tickets available, but also chat rooms or forums for their members to log on and ask their question 24 – 7- 365.  This means that there is always someone on who can help or who, conversely, you can help.

Wealthy Affiliate is no different in this regard.  It’s not unusual to be online with the same members because of the time zone you live in.


Live Chat

It gets to be like family here…while you’re in school. 


Personal Blogs

Another thing that I am a huge fan of is the personal blogs that are available for all members to create and post for the community.  These are associated with our profile page and are often used to update on our progress, provide insightful tips, and even to celebrate those “aha” moments.

Here’s a sample of one of mine:

Number One Spot in Google

This post received 53 comments and 27 likes.  That meant more than the Google ranking!


Final Thoughts

If you’re working online now or considering doing so, I would encourage you to ensure that you are a part of a great online learning environment that:

  • Trains
  • Supports
  • Socializes

In my mind these are some of the most critical pieces of web based learning that makes a difference.  As I’ve searched the internet I’ve come to be aware what I’m looking for as a Baby Boomer that lets me learn in whatever way works best for me.

I hope this has helped.  If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate you can read my review here.  I’ve been with this community for 6 months now and still feel like I’m just getting my feet wet, there is so much to learn.

Thanks for reading.


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