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The Best Online School For Baby Boomers Creating A Website

Internet educationDear Baby Boomer: Are you looking for the best online school to learn about the internet, start a website, and maybe even make some extra money?

30 years ago, two friends graduated from their local college and each set out on their careers, full of hope and ambitious plans for their future.  Both of them got married, had kids, bought the house…well, you get the picture.

Each one was successful in their chosen field; meaning that they were making enough to pay the bills and feed the kids.  They were also able to advance in their respective companies and receive modest raises and earn extra vacation days every year.

Fast forward to today when the last of their kids have moved out and they find they have extra time, maybe even extra money, to spend on themselves.  But this also brought with it the realization that retirement was their next big life event and perhaps their retirement funds would not cover their expenses.

Creating an extra income became critical for each of these Boomers!

Each turned to the internet, knowing that online businesses were prospering and that the opportunities were seemingly endless.  One of them succeeded…the other did not.

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10 Years To Retirement

Ten Years toGo to RetireI recently turned 55 and realized that I only had 10 years left to my retirement; meaning the mandated retirement our governments impose upon us.  I plan to carry on working if body and mind allow me to.

But I also began thinking of those 10 years and what I could accomplish.  What are some of the things from my youth (meaning my 20’s and 30’s) that I wanted to do but never did?  Whether because of family or work commitments or even because I let myself get distracted by other things.

I wanted to share some of these things with you today.

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Cash Machines 2 Scam: Scores 3 Out Of 10

Product: Cash Machines 2.0

Website: http://cashmachine2.com/

Owner: Aaron Ward (or is he an actor?)  Tim and Zak

Cost:      $49.00 for the first 300 (see explanation below)

Raised to $997.00 “at any time to keep the scammers out”

Score: 3 Out of 10.  Read Why!


Supplies traffic software so you can learn how to make money online using their system.

This article will be comparing Cash Machines to our recommended product.  You can go here if you would like to review that one immediately.

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Empty Nest Blogs for 2013

Empty nest syndrome

photo credit: Jsome1 via photopin cc

Is this your year?  Are you reading an empty next blog for 2013 because it’s your turn?  After 18 plus years has the last, or only, of your children moved on and out?

Yay!…Crap!…Mixed emotions?

As Baby Boomers, we’ve spent a good portion of our adult lives and careers raising and preparing our kids for “the real world” so that they could be confident and well-prepared for all of the challenges, good and bad, that would come their way.

And they took us up on it!  They’re gone!

I wanted to touch on a few things that I think can help all of us parents prepare for this traumatic, or joyous, day (I guess it’s all perspective, right?).  Just to let you know, I fall within the first category noted below; my first is soon to move out but my second still has two years, and for me, that’s not joyous because I will miss my firstborn immensely.

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Your Content Blog Categories: Why Are They Important?

Add New Category ButtonFor those who are new to working online, it’s critical that your content blog categories are set up properly.  You want your website organized in such a way to make navigating it user-friendly and easy to find relevant information.

The content is the pages and posts on your site while categories are how the posts only are assigned or indexed by subject matter.  This will help organize related posts together and make it easier for visitors to find your content.

Make sense?  OK, let’s categorize those posts.

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How My Retirement Hobbies Will Make Money

Retirement money in a jar

photo credit: Tax Credits via

Am I wishing too much when I say that my retirement hobbies will make me money?  I don’t think so.  I think…I know…I have many skills and talents that I can spend some time developing and bring in some extra income.

In this post I want to share some of my ideas of how I can do this.  I would also love to hear your ideas and maybe brainstorm a bit and even support one another.

One goal I have, though, is that this will be something I can do or promote online and therefore will also follow some great training to do this.


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Create A Blog In WordPress: A Guide For Beginners

If you want to create a blog in WordPress you are choosing a winner; and why not start off on the right foot if you are a beginner blogger.  Given the millions of websites that have been created, it is an incredibly popular website platform.

Take a look at this graph from Google Trends:

Wordpress Blog Graph

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