SEO Keyword Suggestions That Will Get You Ranked On Page One

Hit the Target MarketDid you know that keyword tools will get your website ranked on page one? And if you’ve been looking for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keyword suggestions then this research tool is for you. In fact, it’s more than a suggestion…it should be mandatory for your success!

Depending on which one tool you use, you can also find out how many monthly searches there are for each keyword as well as how many others are competing against you for the same phrase.

For anyone who has a website set up for business then you definitely need to know phrases people are actually typing into the search engines. It’s like having an inside peek into what’s working and what’s not.

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Creating A Free Website Has Never Been Easier

building website web under construction

Isn’t technology wonderful! 10 years ago you had to be a geek and know coding in order to build a website. Now: with a click of a button anyone interested in creating a free website can be up and live with a website within minutes. But there are a … [Continue reading]

Pure Leverage Review: Mansions & Fast Cars Not Included

Pure Leverage - Google Chrome 2014-02-17 09.00.06

Product: Pure Leverage Website: Owner:Joel Therien Price: $1.00 for 7 Days Then $24.95/month NOTE: Becoming a Reseller costs $19.97/month VIP Reseller costs $97/month Score: Out 4 out of 10. Read Why! … [Continue reading]

Magic Submitter Review: It’s All Smoke And Mirrors

Magic Submitter Product

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The Walking Scammed Are Littering The Home Business Landscape

Zombie chasing money

They’re out there, the “Walking-Scammed”; those that have tried and tried to start a home business but have been stunned by a barrage of scams. By others who have no qualms in taking money from the unwitting! The majority of us that are looking to … [Continue reading]

Free Online Learning Sites Should Provide A Bang For Your Buck


The internet is a feeding frenzy for those offering free online learning sites that are in no way, shape or form actually free. They hook you with “free” and then gut your wallet with gusto, leaving you frustrated (again and again) and embarrassed to … [Continue reading]

The First Step In Setting Up Websites For Dummies: Throw The Book Away!

Certification Courses Overview

If you’re like me you may look askance at a book that proclaims that setting up websites for dummies is easy if you but follow along. But, like me, are you wary and look at these claims with both hope and trepidation? Hope, because maybe we’re … [Continue reading]